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Awhile ago we talked to Blizzard about how names would be chosen in D3. They were still deciding between unique character names like in diablo 2 where only one person on the whole server has that name, and between character code names like in starcraft 2 where a lot of people have the same names but a character code attached to classify them.

have we heard any news on this? any updates on which it will be? thanks Let me know :D
you can have whatever name you want

prepare to meet all the other conan s

you can even name all your 10 characters the same way
is this confirmed? this is a good and bad thing.. no body farming names but it will suck to run into another person like me :X oh wells
i dont like it

there must be a blue on this somewhere

but i can even do it in beta allready
But he/she could be your evil twin. Your doppelganger!
Yeah, its completely different now with battletags. If you're grouped with other people, their unit frames will display their battletag not their character name (you have to mouse over to see a tooltip showing it).

Any name can be used and you will see many characters named the same name.

Personally, I don't like the change. I wish unit frames showed character names and you had to mouse over to get a person's battletag info.
I am quite sure no one is going to do lWizardCupl, lDocterCupl, lMeleCupl, lDemonCupl, lHolyCupl.

If there is. I will laugh
oh that is lame... we will be classified as numbers not names? ;( how sad..
I think it's a great system.

Those saying it sucks running people with your same name, would running into Ph0enicks1337xorz be any better than running into Phoenix?

Just be creative and let others be creative as well.

I do hope the whole battle-tag issue in the beta is resolved in internal builds or on release, at least.
Yes i suppose i don't get annoyed when i run into people with my real life name ;)

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