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Curious to know if they will release more information on legendary and set items, or will they not at all? I check every now and then and always says they are being worked on, will this be released before the game is out?
I am sure they will, as they had preliminary stats on those items displayed back when the Game Guide went up, and the D2 site has always displayed that info on sets & uniques. If they didn't, third party sites would, so there's no reason to hide the info.

As for how soon the Game Guide will be updated, and whether that soon will be before, at, or after launch, that's anyone's guess.
Also, a ton of Legendary items have been mysteriously removed from the game guide list ...

I hope they aren't axed from the game (pun intended) and were instead brought down to work on unique tooltip art or somethin ...
They have said elsewhere that D3 will have more items overall than D2 did, so it seems reasonable to expect that legendaries and sets will be included in that. I think they're just still in the middle of a major overhaul of all the item stats.
I was wondering the same thing...looked today and wanted to see the monk sets, but they are still in 'working on them' stages.
im also curious to know when they will be coming out
03/15/2012 05:17 PMPosted by D3BETA
im also curious to know when they will be coming out

i believe on twitter they said they would not update this portion of the website till release day or right after.
I hadn't looked through the items section in a while and didn't remember it being that minimal. I assumed it had to have something to do with the stat overhaul so I'm glad to read here that this isn't close to what we have to look forward to.
While I browsed and drooled over every legendary/set item and thought about what build and char I would use it with, I have to say I was kind of disappointed that they didn't keep these items secret and let people discover them, and then eventually release the information. I figured it would be cool to find an item and not know what its going to be and then posting results on forums/news sites. I think it creates a bigger sense of community and people get more excited over it...but that's just me I guess, I love having new things to read about while at work :)

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