Why Demon Hunter?

Demon Hunter
can you state you're reason/s for choosing this over the other classes?
Any class with a move called "Fan of Knives"

"Hey, I heard you're a big... FAN OF KNIVES!"
Kiting, so I can go running around glass cannon style and take no damage while killing sh!t.
i want to feel like i am the character i am playing, or as close as possible, and i could really see myself going on a killing spree for some type of vengeance after watching my friends and family murdered by demons... so yeah, i wanna go and kick !@# with the same type of attitude the demon hunters have!
Its most like the bowazon which was my fav d2 class followed closely by the trapassin so yeah it wasnt a hard choice
Bad*** personality, among other things.

It's just awesome to kill a bunch of things to hear someone yell "VENGEANCE!", like the word itself just killed them.

Barb: I....hate this guy. He just doesn't feel like a worthwhile character to me.
Monk: Not as bad as Barb, but I feel like melee characters just aren't as good as ranged ones.
WD: Tried him first actually, kinda liked, he's nice but....I just don't know about him.
Wizard: Crowd control master from what I've played. Like, and want more.
DH: Perhaps a little fragile, but...I think I like the most. Between Wizard and DH I'm actually not sure, I like them both, and I'm not sure as to which I'd have as a main character.

How awesome is DH, really? You know that "Kill the stuff that shows up at the start in 20 seconds" achievement? I had a good monk who couldn't do that. Brand new, freshly made DH...fired in the general direction of stuff, got the achievement. I pity the fool who doesn't keep a DH around.
I've always played physical ranged classes. Something about them attracts me.
Ya, for some reason, I loved the ranged bow class. Almost always picked that style of play. I do like barb, wd, and wizard, but not a fan of the monk. I hate having 2 characters, so I'm stuck with the one I like best.
2-3 Nightmarish ranged enemies > solo melee build.

Epic ranged build < 20-30 Nightmarish melee enemies.

Between that and the "I go alone and don't want nor need help." attitude (and the power to back it up), why NOT Demon Hunter?
Because i took a magical arrow to the knee, just kidding, because i like bows and crossbows !
Kiting for sure as someone else stated above, i think that the true heir of the D2 sorceress can be the Demon Hunter because of Vault that is better than the actual wizard's teleport which is flawled by the pesky cooldown.

Beside of that i like the xbows and i like the dark humor that he showed sometimes (like with templar) and this class is the only one that i felt OP in my hands (even with the last nerf, which was obliged since a 100% impale stun was OP in all senses, a 65% is very good anytime!) and i like this feeling.

Honestly at the begin i tried the Witch Doctor, was my primary choice, but is with the DH that i got a real "imprinting", it became natural to me to use him and natural to go to wreck the world unpunished ( i think i took only around 100 damage at max in a solo run against SK after patch 14).

And now PVP, this class has some awesome pvp skills: it starts with the mighty "stalker arrow", hard to miss with it! And DH has some very good single target skills like impale: fast and with the awesome stun; also he will be able to access skills like invisbility and a ton of useful tools.

i want to give a special mention on Bolas: i don't know if other classes have a skill like this that it is not only aoe but also "programmable" with runes that can change its damage type (from fire to venom or lightning or arcane) and this thing will be very evaluable in later difficulties i am sure :).

I will start with him and kick Diablo's and players butts very hard.
03/12/2012 09:02 PMPosted by D3BETA
Because i took a magical arrow to the knee, just kidding, because i like bows and crossbows !

Now we know why every single guard took an arrow to the knee. Demon Hunters really do get around.
i can relate to him/her the most
First draw was the epic trailer they released and the lore behind the character. After playing every class, the game-play helped confirm my choice. Great kiting skills, has the real shadowy bad@$$ feel to him/her, can lay some serious dps, etc. Who wants to leap into a bunch of enemies with rage syndrome when you can kite them like a baws and drop them without being touched?
When i first saw the the character selection i was going to pick the barbarian first.
After playing all the characters in the beta i realised the characters i had the most fun with was the demon hunter.
I simply loved all his ranged skill and the crowd control ability traps give you.
Not to mention the shadow/dark type is what fit me the most.
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"...taken to the extreme.
They're one of the strongest classes overall in the beta right now.
I'm going with the Demon Hunter because I think it requires enough skill that some people just won't enjoy it because it's not simply running in and killing stuff.

Since it is more fragile than the Barbarian, some caution is necessary and I like that as well.

I also just like the ability to attack from a distance, have always gone with that choice if it's available in any game I play.

Plus the Demon Hunter seems to be the darkest of the classes, so that's always fun.
!@#$ & %^- - If I'm gonna look at something for hours on end. It may as well be appealing and look good.
Kiting - Fight the harder and tougher.
Bows - Pew pew. Nuf said.
Looks - IMO best looking armor set(s).
Play-style - Always played a ranger type.
Skills (Ninja looting) - Catch me if you can TBD but so far so good.
Companions (Wolf) - Super f**king cool.

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