Why Demon Hunter?

Demon Hunter
Physical Range DPS - I always love the ranger archetype and the fact that the demon hunter brings in shadow magic to accompany it is only a bonus. I love the strategy and utility it takes to play the class well and can't wait to cut my teeth on some harder content. Not too mention the class just looks bada$$. Love both the male and female models as well as the armor sets.
To Quote many people : "Why not " play a demon hunter?
Over all The Demon Hunter Looks Very cool, and Deadly as can be. Look forward to playing
May 15!
Because they are the "dark" class. Aside from Witch Doctor I guess.

Assassin was my all time favorite Diablo 2 class. I love what they did with the Monk, they are super fun, but I'm just not a fan of all the holy-themed aesthetics, even if they completely fit the class.

So instead I chose Demon Hunter.

And the fact that we're getting Natalya's Wrath as an item set? That pretty much drove it home for me: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/natalyas-gaze
Diablo 1 played a rogue, and its a lot more fun to run around kiting and using positional play and maneuvering then to go I R HAVE SHIELD AND STUFF HOPE U NO RANGED OR ME DED!!!

diablo 2 the hunter was by far one of the most fun classes to play

I am also not a huge fan of the wizard classes, not wearing armour because u cast spells = ??? Never liked the glass cannon style of mages, and there is usually some sort of resist magic enemy that just f's u over. Physical dps makes more sense to me. I do prefer a rogue class like in wow but the monk doesn't provide that and the dh is the closest thing to a sniper / rogue class.
i was gonna use this because of the crazy spike trap animation but they changed it so im really confused right now lol
I'm playing the DH for a few reasons.

1. I have never really played a strictly ranged class in any game I've played I typically end up tanking or healing.
2. At Blizzcon 2010, when they rolled out the class. I was blown away, I know from that moment that would be my first and Primary hero.
3. After months of Beta play I don't see a downside to the DH. All around it's very fun to play.
4. Witch Doctor is a close second.
They've been my favorite class in the beta. I'm actually not normally a fan of physical ranged classes in computer RPGs/action RPGs (I prefer explosive melee or armored melee), but there's something about the tactical suite of the DH that feels more like a thief or an assassin than like the D1 rogue or D2 amazon.
The class name is Demon Hunter. . . need I say more?

With that said, I also usually prefer the warrior classes but, like Ariston mentioned above, the Demon Hunters suite of skills are awesome. I can foresee a lot of fun ahead trying out many different builds.

In addition to the Demon Hunters comlete awesomeness. I think that this character has some excellent skills that will greatly benefit their party members in end game content. For example, caltrops, with the numbing traps passive, will very helpful to the Barb and Monk party members in Inferno difficulty.
I feel like they have more build options than the other classes. This is important to me.

I also tend the like the feel of agility heroes in rpgs.

That said, the barb will likely be my 2nd as sometimes i just want to bash heads in.
I enjoy the shoot and run style the DH has to offer more than that of the Wizard, i feel they have better fire once, step back fire again options. etc. It seems more of the wizards spells rely on closer range than that of the DH as well.
Trailer sold it on me!

In the 3 MMORPGs I've played, I've more or less universally sucked at melee classes and tended to understand the spellcasters most easily. I still prefer ranged, but want something a little different than my usual caster - since I've gotten better over the years at kiting, and like the abilities of the Demon Hunter so far, I ultimately decided to make one my first Hero. I have a feeling I'm going to love it!

Plus, I can relate to their general philosophy - if you hurt the people I care about, or even LOOK like you're thinking about it, I'll hunt your @ss down and rip your f*cking face open on the pavement.

Edit: Why in the hell is Chrome giving me so many issues with battle.net stuff since the last update? Can't frickin' do anything, and I hate IE. >.<
I like verstile ranged classes. The DH has alot of control with mobility and slowing effects. I not like to play glass cannons for say but i like kiting and DH seems the best to do that with. Also double hand crossbows ftw.
Not typically a ranged character player, but

Great back story, bunch of people that have banded together and trained to hunt those that once hunted them. Go on missions alone to hunt, which I plan on doing myself at least through normal and hell, hopefully inferno .They seem the most human out of all the characters in the sense that they aren't decendents of a naturally strong people, barb, have't trained since a young age, monk, or use magic like wiz and WD. There exactly like batman, except with glowing eyes. Which I'm hoping is caused by the DH's propensity for being covered in blood and instinctually licking it off one's face.

With that in mind it seemed like blizzard played up to this narrative by making the dH seem underpowered in the beta, which would have discouraged people from playing it early on, making it a small number of people. Only to find out how powerful they are when all the skills were unlocked and people become more experienced with the character. Which would eventually cause the numbers to eventually swell .Like strafe with equilibrium when it did 140% weapons damage and it improved APS by 520%, at level 4,Beast. Of course people complained :( . Luckly polls show that people are least likely to play DH and Wd which were the two classes I thought should have the smallest numbers based on the character description. Granted with 4 person coop I would most likely not notice, but in my head its the way I saw this character and the game playing out.

That was then so why do I still like it,

High APS potential with two 1h xbows, with 1.84 APS with white items
Most versatile attacks, IMO
The only class where I didn't struggle to design one build I liked, I might even make two DH( which is the only class I would do this for)
great attacks and names, Grim reaper for marked of death
great items, inquisitor armor and
found out +skill items to improve these attacks


hungering arrow, for hate generation( didn't want to use explosives with this build and I like not having to aim.)
Impale, with overpenetrate, to deal with ranged attackers when I'm surrounded with melee
Rapid fire with web shot, to deal with fast monsters
Vault, to get away
Marked for death, with contagen to deal with mobs while minimizing discipline use and getting an attack boost
strafe, with eguilibrium, hoping to find +3 stafe skill item and it becomes the attack I remember. (hopefully get the APS improvement to 120%, or if were lucky 150%)Or use drifting shadow( hoping for an improvement in movement speed beyond 100%) with this so that I can get rid of vault and use another attack.

Or Just for fun


I don't think I have to explain this one

here's one for those that want to do elemental damage


who said you need a hate generator

Here's another fun one


for this one you can substitute cluster arrow for rapidfire with fire support if you prefer to control the targets you hit
can also sustitute grim reaper with contagion to save on discipline

Granted there more end game builds, not something you can level up with
hmmm Turtle i looked to your plans, but beside your last plan the others seems to me to use too much hatred, since we have 125-150 hatred basically, channelling skills+some skill with 40-50 costs could be a little too much?
They're probably meant to go with equipment with high Hatred regen I'd guess.
03/21/2012 01:55 AMPosted by D3BETA
hmmm Turtle i looked to your plans, but beside your last plan the others seems to me to use too much hatred, since we have 125-150 hatred basically, channelling skills+some skill with 40-50 costs could be a little too much?

Your telling me by level 60 we will only have 125-150 hatred and 40 discipline throughout the entire game, while there are potions that can heal a person by 35000. Well If that's the case I accept your challange.

1st build I was planning on making was a high APS pure arrow build so spamming hungering arrow is not an issue, even extremely fun. For most mobs(not abnormally fast) I was planning on marking for death the weaklings and firing an impale to make sure it spreads. After that use what ever attacks to take advantage of the situation.Then going to work with hungering arrow on the leftovers. Another bonus of this build is that before level 30 this build will be mostly complete, except for valut which will be complete by 41 which I have no problem using unruned till then.

Items to look for- 2 1handed xbows, improvements in APS, minium damage improvements, Hate generation(not that necessary IMO), elemental damage, Max hatred improvementseverything else is just bonus.

2nd build was my 2h xbow explosives build with high damage and lowest damage variance. Cluster arrow does 1050% damage and rain of vengence(great AOE) doess 3000% over 5 s.With 125 hate you can use one rain of vengence and two cluster arrows which doesn't seem that bad for the amount of damage So using grenades with 8 hatred generation for the leftovers shouldn't be an issue. Homing rockets from the other attacks only fire once a second so improvements in aps is irrelevent.The only thing that i might change is to use vengence instead of archery. If you still have issues then getting rid of marked for dead and replacing it with preperation with punishment rune can do the trick.

items to look for- Damage improvements, hatred generation, elemental damage, everthing else is bonus

3rd build- Just designed this one after finding out the awsomeness of punishment. Most of the attacks have reduced hatred consumtion in this build and strafe is just a better version of vault in this build, especially with improvements in movement speed. With the passives you definately can refill twice, should three times, and maybe refill a fourth time, before your in danger. That should be 240 hate- to potentialy 480 (assuming you don't efficiently use it up before you refill) on just basic resource orb. That is alot of multishots, rapid fire would only be used for massive single targets.It's only while channelling that you don't regenerate hate from my understanding I'm now more excited to play this one then the my second build, as a late game experiment. Also improvements in APS deminish the effectiveness of sharpshooter which influences the weapon type, which people might not like.

items to look for - anything but the 1 handed xbow, movement speed, crt improvements, damage improvements, max hate improvemnts, everything else is bonus

4th Just wanted to make I mind field of caltraps build

items to look for- just movement speed for strafe, everything else is just bonus, which is why you must see this one as the most viable, its not very item dependent.The down side is the most valueable skill wont unlock till level 58.

IMO I think the first and fourth build are the most possible early on, but later on all of them are possible, especially with +6 random properties and +skill items to hopefully enhance the improvements of the rune effects and not the basic skill stats.
I think DH and all their skills resembles that of Batman.... Mhhhhh Bruce Wayne.
I am going to play the DH because it should have the highest concentrated DPS. Due to what the class is based around. If it is feasible (because of the class being range) to concentrate all skills and passives, and most importantly item bonuses, on DPS attributes, then we can create a class that does the most damage because there is no trade offs for things like life steal (well ofcourse there will be some trade offs [probably just one, like screen] just to survive on that odd occasion of an enemy ramboing towards you) and hit points. You might say but the wizard can be built for concentrated damage, but if you look closely at the wizard there is too much diversity to allow for a strongest style niche- although i feel the wizard because of diversity will end up having a niche, such as AOE dumper.

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