Why Demon Hunter?

Demon Hunter
Love the look of the class, have always played archer type classes and the skills and abilities that the Demon Hunter has are just remarkable, there isn't a skill that i would say that i would never use, they are all awesome and have their uses unlike some of the other classes.
b/c no one I know wants to role one and they have some decent support options....
Mage, witch doctor and monk are the chars I know people are looking forward to the most and I don't have anything against hunter classes and would prefer to see more diversity in my games.

I think it's underwhelming with 30 second c/d's on decent aoe and a bola that you have the ability to waste your time on if not careful until acid strike rune being the only saving grace.
Mage and witch doctor can do what you do better but together seems pretty viable.

But this is beta for all i know acid bola goes back up to 9 hits from 3 and rain of vengeance loses a c/d gains a cost removing the restrictions that puts them back on par with everyone.
I played around with the other classes in beta. I loved the Demon Hunter because of her attacks and how she handles mobs.

Another thing about her is how she looks. Really resembles myself a bit. Dark hair and her facial features I suppose.
dh is funnest character ive played in any game!
its an extremely fast and responsive character class.

playing monk , its slow, unresponsive. like 3 attacks per enemy
barbarian is heavy on after-animation attacks, slow churn through heavy numbers,
wizard is comparable, but, for dungeon farming, there is no one as good as the demon hunter.
kind of lag , so auto aim is perfect for me
highest moving speed at low level, even better than wizard
I'm picturing the DH to control like a stalker from SC2. Sounds like fun! I guess time will tell.
Well I was going to make a discipline using caltrop/spike trap(under the impression the old animation was going to be used, this is not the case. now we get a dumb circle of black on the ground) turret using chakram throwing slow 2h bow user

but now i think ill do dual wield hungering arrow/chakram/caltrops and pet and whatever else
I like range attack character, and bow or guns weapons. Just look at my WoW toon.
Because it's the closest to the D2 1.09 bowazon(anyone remember guided/piercing arrow+buriza? <3) Barbarian will probably be my second char, they were pretty fun on the beta.
with there goal and moves(vault and evasive fire) it looks like im playing dante in devil may cry lol

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