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I've found that white items appear to be a concern because of their cluttering of inventory, and their dismal value. Still, at least so long as the coin value of moderate+ quality white loot scales with how far a character has progressed [spatially] through the game (e.g. act 4 NM, etc), many players will be adequately satisfied with the returns received during each town/merchant visit from that otherwise underwhelming loot. I can think of two mechanisms that could expedite the sale process, perhaps dispelling irritation that some players seem to be expressing.

1. With inventory open (onscreen with a merchant), hold shift and use the cursor to wrap a freeform box around whatever loot you desire to sell. An additional click or sale hotkey should follow this action to fulfill the sale. Obviously this idea could manifest through different commands than I've proposed, but still a potential idea I think.

2. A hotkey or button to sell all non-magical inventory items. I think it would be best that this would be proceeded by a "sell all NM loot for $xxx?" sort of confirmation, less to prevent accidental sales and more to give the player just a short moment to recognize the value they'll be incurring from the sale. I think, whether knowingly or not, players would appreciate seeing the numerical value of their sale, just for a quick mental twinkle. In fact, I think that this same confirmation cue should arise following my first idea as well.

So, since Blizzard actually listens to us, I figured I'd share these thoughts. Thanks for reading...what do you think?
I realise there will be some people that pick up all the whites to sell, but (and I believe blues have stated this) whites are not meant to be useful (either for equip or monetary reasons) other than at the very beginning when you have not gear.

This is the case in the beta as well. I only pick up whites with a new character until I find a blue item to replace it. Then I trash the white by throwing it on the ground because its not worth the inventory space.
You're probably right that it's been mentioned before. Thanks for the response. I guess I feel that it's strange to have entirely useless loot falling to the ground, particularly if that loot is the most common.

Oh well.
thankfully D3 got rid of the screen garbage bolts/arrows/keys stamina pots, tahwing pots

devs decided having tons of stuff spill to the ground was how Diablo should feel, with most of it ignored; So now white items are not salvageable. Grays are the same ole s**t as before.. we just call it X's instead of O's and whites are 3/4 there. (cept for some beta item cause of the cap)

It use to be a twitch advantage if you were fast with your eyes to scoop up loot before someone else did. So since that is gone now, I'd rather having nothing spill and give my eyes a rest from scanning from so much noise....why else would gold snapping to your body be such a better system.

the process of checking a magical, or ID rares and going "boo-hoo" is already there.
no need to have an entire set of cracked/broken/inferior drops now
Yeah, I still understand that whites should be the most common to fall, but I would like to think that something like a broken short sword won't be dropping much past act 1, if at all. And as the white items scale up to match the types of items that you hope to find in better forms (magic, rare, etc), that they also increase in sale value, so at least you can pick up things like higher white armors to sell for a decent price, like in d2. And likewise, in d2, plenty of common items were dispersed everywhere, it's just that something like 1 in 15 or so of those items might have been valuable enough to throw in your back pocket to give to a merchant.

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