Grim Harvest Rune

"For Grim Harvest it’s not the same as magic find, it’s a 5% chance to drop additional treasure of any kind. More often than not it’s probably going to be a potion, white item, or maybe gold."

It sure sounds like a lame and undesirable skill when you put it like that.
Patch 14 changed it back to 15% chance to drop more items.

Think about it this way: You find 1000 items, and about 10% of those happen to end up being magic items, so 100.

With Grim Harvest, you'll now be finding 1150 items; you still only have 10% of those items being magical, or 115, but its the same as finding 15% more magical items.
5% more magical items

than if you didnt have it .

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