Heal Monk ... Again since all of the changes.

I thought I would bring up the healing play style again since a lot of skills have been changed since the first healer thread. Here is my build as of right now.


Now I will explain:

First you will notice, I am not fully built to be a "Heal bot". Many players have argued that they would rather have a teammate that kills things fast rather than someone who just sits back with buffs/heals. So I have devised a build that I think provides some nice damage output, some healing, and one unique save everyone combo.

This build is primarily about having a large amount of spirit and generating it quickly. My primary attack will be Fists of Thunder with Quickening. This will give me quick spirit gain and the ability to push enemies back. My secondary skill is Sweeping Wind with Inner Storm. I will weave this one in between my Fists of Thunder to keep my stacks at full, dealing damage to everything around me, as well as some nice spirit regen. Then comes Breath of Heaven with Circle of Scorn. Now it has a 15 second cooldown, and now it only costs 25 spirit. I have chosen to add Circle of scorn to give me another way to hit everything around me. While it might not be a lot of damage, it hits everything near me and my allies, and every little bit helps. Fourth, is inner Sanctuary with Forbidden Place. This skill acts as my safety blanket. If I come under heavy attack, I can use this to buy an ally time to come and help me clear away the mobs swarming me. Also, while standing inside I will still be doing continuous damage with Sweeping Wind. I have added Forbidden Place for a little extra damage to the mobs when I activate the skill to push them away from me. Next, is Cyclone Strike with Soothing Breeze. This skill allows me to do some damage, some minor healing, and most importantly pull a swarm of mobs away from a dying ally. Last, is Mantra of Healing with Time of Need. Utility Healing and +20 resist all.

My 3 passives are all about spirit. First, The Guardian's Path using a two hander. This will increase my Spirit generation but also make each attack hit pretty hard, since my bigger strikes have cooldowns. Next, is Chant of Resonance. More spirit regen. Last is Exalted Soul to increase my pool of spirit by 100.

Having all of that spirit allows me to perform this combo: Build 3 stacks of Sweeping Wind. Cast Cyclone Strike to do damage and pull enemies to me. Next cast Inner Sanctuary to damage them more and push them a safe distance away from me. Then cast Cyclone Strike again to pull this back inside the Sanctuary (if that works) dealing more damage and pushing them away again. At this point I could cast Breath of Heaven for healing of the group and small damage, or I could cast Cyclone Strike a third time to deal damage, pull them in, Sanctuary damage and push them away again. All the while they are in range of my Sweeping Wind AoE stacks. Also keep in mind that during this spirit spending frenzy I am still regening 7 spirit per second. Which is what allows me to pull off a third Cyclone Strike.

75 * 3 = 225 for Cyclone Strikes
30 for Inner Sanctuary
Total: 255

I will definitely regen at least 5 spirit before I reach the third Cyclone.

I have not been able to play the beta :( so this is just what I think/hope these skills do. Constructive criticism is welcome :)
Drop Inner Sanctuary (circle is to small) for Serenity
Drop Guardian's Path (spirit regen is tiny) for Resolve
Drop Exalted Soul for Guiding Light

You have 3 heal specific spells / effects:
BoH, Soothing Breeze, MoH

I'd either change Soothing Breeze to Implosion (to improve Resolve)...or
drop MoH for MoE - Hard Target

Healing is good, but if you make the changes above you will have to do significantly less healing and thus won't need so many heal spells.

For the way you want to play Crippling Wave will be better for you than FoT since it adds yet another damage reduction (20%) see a pattern here?


Resolve will also kick in every time you cast BoH which is perfect
My group build will probably look something like this:

and I would dual wield (not 2H)
I like it. About dual wielding, does the % damage on the skills come from your main hand, or main + off?

If just main hand, I would go one hand + shield.
I like it. About dual wielding, does the % damage on the skills come from your main hand, or main + off?

If just main hand, I would go one hand + shield.

just mainhand
if you go mainhand + shield (which may work, but not for this build)
you lose 15% ias and 15% dodge, all comes down to how important dr is for the monk in a group setting which personally I think will be unnecessary.

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