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I know there are a ton of these "build threads" but your feedback would be appreciated :)

Electrocute is our signature spell that trades offensive potential for defensive potential.

It has range and a fair amount of predictability over other signature abilities but is waeker in the damage department and the AP regen deparment.

Electrocute can do max 480% WD to 6 targets (Consistent). With your Rune it can do max 240% WD to 3 targets while regenning 3 AP. This is from 'max' range (about a screen).

Spectral Blade at ~10 yard range will do 105% per target (Unruned). to 6 targets this is 630% WD (and applies elemental damage effects for Conflagration Passive if you have a fire damage weapon). This can scale past 6 targets as well. Electrocute's max is 3 (5/6 Runes) and 6 (1 Rune) respectively. Spectral Blade runed for AP Regen is 1 ap per target hit (assuming it doesnt give 3 per target which would be stupid). This has no limit of targets hit and still does 105% wd per target. at 3 targets it's 315% wd and 3 AP regenned versus 240% and 3 for Electrocute.

Use that information how you will.

Arcane Orb has been severely nerfed in the patch. 1 cast of Arcane Torrent actually does more damage now for 4/7ths of the AP cost - which is absurd. I wouldn't use Arcane Orb personally until it is buffed or other spells are weakened. Use meteor for burst, or simply replace Arcane orb with Archon R1 for arcane funsies.

I'm unsure of how the 'over 1.5 seconds' in Ray of Frost applies to weapon speeds. It's possible you will have to cast it 3-4 times before you get the full effect. With a 1h/oh at 1.4 APS and no regen passives/runes the longest you could spam RoF for is 10 seconds. With Energy Armor 8 seconds. This would also leave you unable to cast anything but your signature spell. If you mean to have Ray of Frost be your AP single target spell I'd recommend the Cold Blood rune. With 12 AP Regen Per Second (Base+2) and a 2h weapon (or 1h/oh equivalent) with 1.0 attacks per second you will be able to use it indefinitely. Electrocute is VERY bad at single target damage in comparison to ANY of the other signature abilities and any of their AP regen runes. It does have range on Spectral I suppose.

Blizzard is good. You have 1 additional tick so you'll get 3 ticks with your Black Ice up and as long as you chain Blizzard casts it'll stay up. You can keep 1 Blizzard cast up at all times if you use R3 Snowbound. With 3 Seconds of ticks at 30 AP cost you can have one up indefinitely with base regen (10 per second). This is a much better solution than adding 1 additional tick, unless you only plan on using blizzard which case i'd recommend using R4 Stark Winter instead so it covers a larger area and increases survivability while increasing maximum potential damage (# of targets hit). If you need to AoE a lot and want Blizzard still, switch Ray of Frost (Single Target spell (5/6 Runes) to Frost Hydra (assuming it chills). Blizzard scales with how many people are inside it.

Arcanot is a good rune for AP-Heavy builds but only hurts Damage and Survivability. R1 Sparkflint will add 15% damage to all your spells. This adds a great deal more than 1 additional blizzard every 22.5 seconds (AP Spells give you extra damage, but you have to subtract the Signature Spell you would use in its place from its damage to get its true maximum damage).

Energy Armor will increase your defenses quite a bit - but at the cost of Arcane Power. 40% Resists and 65% armor may actually not be as much as you think it is. There will definitely be a mitigation cap. WoW's was 75% reduction for Physical Armor. If this is the same way, you could strap a shield on and probably get something like 55% and an extra 65% armor may only give you 5%-10% physical damage reduction, similar to how Bearform worked (but it was what, 380%?).

I wouldn't invest my skills into pure mitigation skills like that until I knew that they'd be worth it. Those will DEFINITELY not be 65% damage reduction and 40% damage reduction --especially at the cost of 20 Max AP. It's better to avoid all damage by killing the mobs or getting spells that help both survivability and damage. Try Slow Time + Time Warp rune. Adds damage, boost survivability. Will help you to avoid getting hit thus avoid taking damage.

If I was playing on Hardcore I may change my tune, but avoiding getting hit > taking hits and mitigating a bit more of it. While doing more damage.

I like your passives. All 3 are just about the best. I do suggest for teams that Astral Presence or Black Ice be switched with Conflagration and you find some way to fit it into your build. The simplest way is to change Electrocute to Spectral Blade and get a weapon with +fire damage. It can be 1h or 2h.

Good day!

Your build is very AP reliant. You'll be regenning 14 AP but 5 of your spells (3/4 if you don't count the 2 minute durations) cost AP. To use all of those once you would need a grand total of 155.Try to change some spells to reduce AP cost and get some spells that increase survivability and damage that cost no AP. Frost Nova and Slow Time.

I hate 5,000 character limit!
Thanks! I changed it up a bit, here is the new build based on your suggestions.!YXW!Ycabac

I kept electrocute, mainly because in the beta I noticed it casts much faster inherently than any other signature spell no matter what weapon I have equipped. I think this is because the actual spell animation is shorter? Regardless you can spam it and regen AP quickly.

I kept Ray of Frost because I beileve the single target damage (champions, bosses) cant be beat and 1.5 seconds is only 1 or 2 ticks of the spell in most cases. And if I'm reading it correctly the spell is gaining power the whole time from 0-1.5 seconds and peaking at 1.5 sec.

I also kept Prismatic Armor just because I remember how important resistances were in D2 ;)

I changed Right-click from Arcane Orb to Arcane Torrent.

I changed Acra-not to Sparkflint rune

I changed the Blizzard rune to reduce AP cost.

Thanks again!
Not bad. It'll probably be decent in Hell but in inferno you'll want some more survivability.

Arcane Torrent's Mines are amazing for damage and survivability. It's possible you'll be able to lay down a whole mine field before pulling anything, as the tooltip doesn't say much. Finishers are good - arcane torrent's is probably the best - but they generally don't help you kill the first mob unless there are tons of weaklings - like Fallen in D2 versus Gargantuan Beasts.

I promise you'll gain more damage in the end from Ray of Frost if you use Cold Blood rune, and you'll even probably be able to throw in blizzards or mines or torrents when needed.

Electrocute allows us to stay at range so it is the best defensive signature spell, but my reasoning was in your build which is AP heavy ya need to risk a little more to gain more. In the end Shock Pulse isn't really that much of a risk. It did seem like it casted faster while I was using it as well, but it's mostly the animation. It casts in bursts. There isn't a clean gap between casts when you're spamming it. If you take off your weapon and put on a metronome at quarter note = 60 you'll be able to tell they're the same. At least it was when I tested it.

Lookin' good otherwise.
That's a decent build for the first three difficulties but I'd worry about your defense when it comes to inferno if you plan to solo. Although your Energy Armor may help you're gonna have to stay very mobile and hope that you don't get snared.

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