Build idea: the Magnetic Buzzsaw

Just for fun, here's the framework of a build I'm thinking of, working off the obvious synergy between Cyclone Strike and Sweeping Wind.

LMB: [Spirit generator]
Really, any of the four would work here, although Deadly Reach is probably less desirable due to its range mechanics. Crippling Wave is the most obvious match to the build, but I'd like to see how Way of a Hundred Fists works - if it's good against tougher targets, that would give some more flexibility to the build. There are any number of rune options that would work here, depending on what's needed: Spirit generation, survivability, etc.

RMB: Dashing Strike
It's crucial that I be able to move between enemies without letting the Sweeping Wind vortex expire. So this is a natural. If I find myself frequently short of Spirit, then Quicksilver (reduced Spirit cost) is the obvious rune; otherwise, Flying Side Kick (chance to stun) looks good.

1 key: Cyclone Strike
The magnet in the magnetic buzzsaw, needed for bringing the mobs into the vortex and keeping them there, and supplementing the PBAOE damage. Patch 15 reduced the Spirit cost while keeping the damage/Spirit ratio the same, so it can be used more often now. Since I'm going to want to use this frequently, Eye of the Storm (reduced Spirit cost) is the rune of choice. Implosion (increased radius) looks good on the surface, but may well be counterproductive (i.e. suicidal) at higher difficulties.

2 key: Blinding Flash
PBAOE crowd control for a PBAOE build. Used after a Cyclone Strike, it should affect a lot of mobs at once. Faith in the Light (3 second damage buff) would be nice to have here, but Self Reflection (increased duration) would be a solid survival-enhancing choice.

3 key: Sweeping Wind
The buzzsaw. If I'm dual-wielding and using Dashing Strike, I shouldn't have any trouble keeping the vortex up, so I shouldn't need Master of Wind (increased vortex duration). The rune choice would seem to be between Fire Storm (increased radius) and Blade Storm (increased damage) depending on how well Cyclone Strike works to keep the mobs close.

4 key: [mantra]
Actually, just about anything could go in here, and it's really tempting to have Serenity available for emergencies, but it's hard to give up the passive boost from a mantra. Since survivability is a big issue for this build, Healing or Evasion would be good choices. If I find that I'm not getting beaten up too badly, Conviction is the clear alternative. Any number of runes would work well.

Since the build deliberately brings as many mobs up next to me as possible, survivability is a big issue. So I'd probably choose from the defensive passives. Seize the Initiative (Armor from Dexterity) is close to being a no-brainer, with some combination of One With Everything (elemental resistance), Resolve (reduced enemy damage), Sixth Sense (increased Dodge), The Guardian's Path (increased Dodge while dual-wielding) and Transcendence (healing from Spirit expenditures) making up the other two. If I'm playing Hardcore, of course, I'm going with Near Death Experience.

The main issue here is survivability. It may well be that in Inferno, Cyclone Strike is pretty much a suicide button no matter how much Armor, Dodge and hit points I stack. Beyond that, I'll be wanting to dual-wield fast weapons in order to build Spirit fast for repeated Cyclone Strikes and to get lots of critical hits to increase the vortex. The build is definitely better suited to taking out large numbers of weak enemies, and will probably be weak against smaller numbers of tough enemies.

It strikes me as a pretty good group build. Using Cyclone Strike to set up the mobs for other players' AOE powers seems like an effective tactic, especially when grouping with a Wizard.

That's it. What do you guys think?
I actually posted a very similar build based on the same strategy except it used exploding palm instead of sweeping wind.!aXZ!ZbcZac

looks a little something like this maybe.

Picking your passives is up to you but the idea is sound.

30 Spirit for CS
10 Spirit for dash
10 Spirit for Blind
75 Spirit for Sweeping Wind
50 Spirit for Mantra

Jumping into this looks like your going to be short on spirit.

175 spirit to start it all off but you only have 150 when its full. So its going to take a few packs to build up and get things rolling.

But after that and after the initial 30 CS + 75 SW you have 45 spirit to us for your blind and spamming crippling wave till you can CS again.!cYV!cbbcZa

Similar idea to what I had, I called this build the Kamikazi or "Divine Wind".

However, if its true that sweeping wind is no longer a generator (sad face), then this build wont work the way I intended... *sigh* oh well, back to the drawing board.

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