Rain Of Vengeance Tweek?

Demon Hunter
Hi I just watch a video on youtube showing the rain of vengeance with the runes skills.. Hate to say this but damn it didnt awe me like I thought it would, I guess its because of the use of shadow beasts for 4/5 of the skills runes. I guess im saying is you guys should have some other types changes for rain of vengeance instead of "shadow beasts", like example for a skill rune.

Rain of vengeance has 74% weapon dmg /5 sec in an area. why not have a skill rune added that would make it like.

"(Skill Rune)+(Rain of vengeance)" "shoot arcane arrows in the air and when a arrow hits targets or ground explodes 50% weapon dmg + 25% splash dmg as arcane /5sec in an area." Probally could be change significantly.....

Please dont bash on me, just saying though, rain of vengeance can look way better then just a bunch of beasts throwing grenades.........
Didn't they remove the hatred cost on it? If they did, I think its pretty sweet. Great situational AOE.

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