Patch 15 made me uneasy... for the first time

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After a whole weekend of the beta being unavailable due to patch 15, I finally managed to get some playtime in. It wasn't much, maybe 20 minutes or so; not because I had something else to do, but rather, patch 15 made me very uncomfortable.

I'm no n00b when it comes to Diablo, and I'm definitely no n00b when it comes to D3 beta. I took over 30 characters to lvl 13. I know what's up.

So as with all wipes, I rolled a girl DH, created a game, and started Game of Thrones on my other screen. Yeah, I'm really that good. I can watch a TV show while beat the SK 6 ways all the way to Sunday.

I walked my sexy little half-naked DH around without a care. Hey! Zombies! I just watched the Walking Dead finale! Hey! Spiky thingies! I love hedgehogs... Wait! WHAT?! Red screen?! How?!

Oh did I make her work those legs of hers! Run, Kalashnikova! RUN!!!

I cannot believe it. My darling DH almost got killed right outside of New Tristrim. A little bit of background: My Kalashnikova has NEVER seen the "red screen"... EVER.

I was confused. That was NOT supposed to happen. But, that was the reality of patch 15. I turned off Game of Thrones.

For the first time, I had to use Caltraps. For the first time, when I saw two of those nasty fat bloob of an exploding excuse of a creature, I immediately looked for an exit plan. For the first time, an unique almost chased my DH all the way from the cemetary back to town. And for the first time, I wanted to smash my screen because of the cooldown between health pots...

I turned the game off. I quit. It's too late for me to be THIS scared. But...


This. Is. Diablo!

Blizzard, thank you. We don't want a Diablo where monsters are just random mud piles between us and the next boss. We don't want a Diablo where we can catch up on the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones while pwning everything in sight with random clicks. We don't want a Diablo that's a WALK IN THE PARK! Patch 15 is what we want. Now, I am DYING to see what Nightmare and Hell have in store for my Kalashnikova! This is honestly the first patch where I felt like I was playing Diablo.

I still remember the first time I got to Blood Raven with my Amazon on D2 release date. The drowning feeling of an unknown fear is what made this impression on me. And that was just the beginning. That feeling is coming back... :)
That's good news. Harder is always better, and that's what she said.
I'm so excited! After I clicked Exit Diablo III, I just stared at the screen for 5 minutes thinking, "What. The. F@#$ JUST HAPPENED?!" Am I scared about Hell? Hell YEAH! If the first 1/3 of Act I of Normal is forcing a D1 and D2 veteran to think strategy already, I am PUMPED!

Until today, I spammed every class like Dynasty Warriors. I would play D3 regardless. I love the story, and I love the looting. But man oh man! Patch 15 is a God send! In no time, I'll be cruising through beta while watching Game of Thrones again. But all I wanted was a sign that Normal is not a Diablo for Dummies tutorial. I wanted to FEEL something when I make my first run through before diving towards endgame.

Today, I got that :)
03/19/2012 02:54 AMPosted by D3BETA
Archers are RAPE

This is the truth! I haven't spent so much effort kiting while aiming since D2. Their damage is ridiculous! Kite. Hungering Arrow. Kite. Hungering Arrow. Caltraps in between. Repeat.

Oooooooh the Diablo we love is BACK!
Sweet! I was sitting there watching all the beta videos on Youtube thinking. "Man, I hope I didn't waste all that money on a game that my little brother could beat."

All of a sudden Patch 15 videos and live streams start popping up. "Oh, that guy is so gonna die... called it." "Run n00b, run!" "How the hell did he manage to live through THAT?"

This is the sort of stuff I should be thinking when I watch someone else play. Keep up the good work Blizz!
You guys know how to make me excited about the game xDDDD
Good! Glad to hear they're un-scrubifying the difficulty level. I'm so tired of easy, boring games that cater to the lowest common denominator.
03/19/2012 02:55 AMPosted by FruitVendor
That's good news. Harder is always better, and that's what she said.

I heard you liked the Demon's Souls Gargoyles... so we added 2 more to the fight. Better?


03/19/2012 05:57 AMPosted by Silv
Good! Glad to hear they're un-scrubifying the difficulty level. I'm so tired of easy, boring games that cater to the lowest common denominator.

Isn't the lowest common denominator a higher number?
So uneasy and uncomfortable in a good way then, got it.
I made the mistake of standing in the middle of the Resplendent Chest Trap. My corpse must have looked like a pincushion.

After whittling the trap down I ran into the hallway corner with the six Unburied (two packs of three hiding in the alcoves) and saw red... I dunno, seven or eight times as my Monk kited them half way back to the entrance.
This is good - great job tuning Blizzard! Keep it up, we want a challenge throughout the whole game not just at the end.
Yes, a group of 4 last night, we ventured the depths of the Cathedral and one little Wizard decided to stray from the group... This little Wizard dragged 4 Unburied (one was a unique) back to another member. Haha wow.. We kept attacking and retreating until almost the beginning of the level... But the Wizard met his end... :( the Wizard was I.
I actually stopped playing the beta and didn't even update to patch 15 yet because I felt I'd already seen whatever it would be. This makes me excited to boot it up!

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