Rate my Build (Arcane Illusion Build)


I got some ideas from a few other folks' builds up here but I thought this one was pretty cool. I feel like it is pretty defensive with the Teleport(Fracture), Mirror Image(Mirror Mimics), Illustionist combo. This could allow for a lot of decoy images. Plus Energy Armor(Prismatic Armor) and Blur. Maybe even a little too defensive. Disintegrate and Temporal Flux for dps and some slow effects.(Volatility might not be the best rune for this, buuut I wanna blow things up : S) And Wave of Force to push enemies back when i need to. Let me know what you all think!

*Oh, I'm not sure about Mirror Mimics either. I figure, if i can get 4 images out at once using Illusionist, it would be decent damage. Although, I did also consider Mocking Demise. That would be awesome if it worked with the Fracture Decoys.
If this is for PVE it's not really good since you have no real arcane dump / aoe.
However for pvp that's some kind of really annoying and good defensive build. You don't need aoe some disintegrate will do the job and you'll be nearly untcatchable. (well you got the disintegrate explosion ... might work actually)

Don't get the 4 images. You still need to do some damage and unless you're faacing retarded player it won't take them long to figure out who's the real Wizard. (unless the AI simulation is really well made.. not like in WoW where they stand still)
True. This is meant to be a PVE build. Don't think I'll be considering PVP builds till Blizz releases the arenas. I originally had Arcane Orb in there for more dmg but i replaced it with Energy Shield. Maybe I should drop Mirror Image for it or something?

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