Two potential DH Builds

Demon Hunter
I was looking for input on the following two builds.

Potential Build 1!YeT!ZcZYcZ

Potential Build 2!Yec!ZccYcZ

Or I may use a hybrid between the two. Input would be much appreciated.
I like it, as the difficulty go up you might want entangling shot to have the Bounty Hunter, The bombardment is up close and personal, smoke screen is your get away, cluster and rain are good.

Though if your interested try looking up a video that has RoV runes b/c the one you chose doesn't look nearly as cool as it sounds, and all the other runes look more awesome, my 2 $$
Looks decent.

I personally don't like entangling shot as much, but the skills tend to change dramatically as you get more / different skills to work with. My only criticism is that my gut says it would be quick to run out of hatred. (again, don't have access to companion so I don't know).

alternatively, you may just itemize for a lot of +hatred regen.

I like vault better than smoke screen, I feel like I get more use out of it, but that is a stylistic difference.

I like your passives, I would definitely take +damage vs slowed enemies though. You could also take grenades instead of entangling and swap cull the meek for the grenades passive to benefit your cluster arrow too

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