Curious about a battlemage build

I don't have the beta, but while I play around with the calculators and look over the forums and everything, I'm curious if anyone thinks this build would work or not:!UfX!Ycaccb

If so/if not, any hints or suggestions would rock. I really wanna play a battlemage for my wizard character.

Any constructive criticism is welcome.

1- Magic weapon is something you cast and the remains there for a you shouldnt place it on secondary. Actualy i think the game wont even allow you to do it.

2- I don't thin archon goes well with the build, for a melee champ it doesnt make much sense. Id change it for explosive blast, and put explosive blast in the secondary spell.

3- Astral presence not realy usefull here, since you only have 1 spell to spam (blades) and its free to you will always be at maximin AP. If you ad explosive blast then you will have to use some ap, but still not worth it imo. Id leave astral presence for builds that don't include a signature spell. You could change it for evocation, so you can use diamond skin and wave more often...

More or less like this (didn't place runes)!Ufg!Y.acc
I would switch wave of force for arcane orb with arcane orbit rune. You have no AP spenders (besdies WoF on a 15s cooldown) so you will not be doing much damage at all. But you could spend your AP on keeping arcane orbit up which would still keep you a battle mage but bump your dps up quite a bit.
Since you already have blood magic i would suggest you rune spectral blades for increased damage or range. I would also suggest replacing crystal shell with mirror skin or replace the skill with frost nova with either the runes bone chill or cold snap. And finally, with the low AP costs of your skills I would suggest replacing astral presence with conflagration as spectral blades benefit from the plus physical, fire, poison etc. affixes of your weapons.
Heres a build based on everyone's suggestions so far.!Ufh!cYbacc

I would still consider this a 'gimmick' build because I don't suspect the wizard will be able to stand up toe to toe with enemies in hell/inferno. But we have to see how blur and energy armor turn out end game.
Here's my stab at a battle mage:!XWf!bbaYbc

This will probably be my softcore character.

Comet, then teleport in and spam spectral blade while Ray of Frost and Frost Armor do their AoE thing. Cast slow time for a good boost in damage. Then teleport out, rinse and repeat.

Took astral presence instead of prodigy since I took the siphoning blade rune for spectral blade. Black ice is a no-brainer for this build. Would be okay trading out galvanizing ward for blur.
Thanks all for the advice and points. I kinda see what you're all getting at. I'm going to have to take it all into account once we're actually able to play that high. I'll be putting up results on the different effects on how what I've learned here play out, plus I'd still like to try and fit archon in there somehow. If I can't, I can't, but I'm going to be stubborn and learn the hard way, then adjust without XD.

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