Some Fun DH Builds...

Demon Hunter
The DH has so many fun choices to build from. Single Target DPS, AOE DPS, Rockets, ect these are some of my builds so far. The pure variety not only in skill choices but play style is something that makes me lean toward the DH for release, even though I've solely looked at wizard/monk so far.

I also find the DH has the best survival / avoidance allowing you to focus on damage more than anything.

Tanky AoE Build:!XVe!ZcZcbY

Use Fan of Knives and Chakram, Spike Trap three mobs, Vault (or walk) in to a pack of mobs, Spam Impale and Spike Trap things close to dieing. Shadow Power if low for massive damage reduction / life steal.

Shadow Power: Gloom + Armor/Resists + Numbing Traps should cap you out on damage reduction, or pretty close.

The build scales drastically with Crit. The ideal situation would be to have full discipline after one combo.

Rocket Build!Xeh!cbbZba

Drop Sentry, Cast Marked for Death on the closest enemy (to try and make rockets hit that target), Spam Rapid Fire on that target.

This *should* create enough splash damage with rockets + rapid fire and Hungering Arrow to take down packs easily as well.

Steady Aim (Passive), Ballistics (Passive), Archery (Passive/Bow) + Marked for Death your damage scales considerably. I would stack straight damage and forget about crit.

Smoke Screen/Fan of Knives Build!aXe!YbZcZc

Caltrops, Vault, Fan of Knives (stun), Smoke Screen, Run the hell away (Tactical Advantage), Bola/Multi Shot to regain discipline.

Archery + Caltrops: Bait the Trap = 20% crit. Should be plenty to proc Night Stalker often. Guerilla tactics, fun stuff.

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