Monk survival / dmg build

Lookin for some advice on the below build. I feel like it may be a decent build for any situation.

Thx in advance!fWZ!cYbaZb
I could see this being useful in larger parties and harder difficulties where the Monk becomes an amazing support class. Your only damaging spirit spender is on a 30sec CD so I do not believe it would be a good build to solo with. Mobility is very important for the Monk, but as long as you have some peeps keeping the baddies away, the rest of the group will love your face for this build.
Thanks for the advice bud. Your right about having my only spender on a 30 sec CD and i never really thought about that. I guess nothing else really caught my eye that i would want to use. I have the beta and thought WOL was such a waste of spirit.

I am probably going to go solo through the game on normal than group up with some buddies for Nightmare and up. Perhaps Cyclone Strike runed with Conflag or LTK.
i think you may need to add in a few of the runes w stuns/cc's later on in the game possibly, but if all your dmg increase runes stack with eachother your going to be putting out some major dmg.

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