Why hydra isn't that bad!

So far I've seen many people unhappy with the fact that Hydra spell cannot be cast more than once and also that it may be hard to target monsters with it. So I wanna take a moment to do some comparison with other offensive spells and bring the Pros/Cons of them and makes you realised that Hydra doesn't seems as bad as it is.

First of all, with that new UI for skills selection, it's becomming more clear what's the difference between "Secondary" and "Arcane" spell as secondary (except for Arcane Orb) are mostly channeled skill with low AP cost for the trade off that you need to be standing still for casting it. In later difficulty it may be hard to stop moving to be able to cast them.

Now let's look more into Arcane spell, excluding Wave of force, because i don't see the point of comparing it. So people don't like hydra because when your target moves it may miss it and also that you can only cast 1 hydra at a time. Now what about Energy twister? Many people have also claimed that it is hard to target monsters with it. Now with Blizzard spell the recent patch note told us we can't stack blizzard over one another, to me that sounds like as destructive as having just 1 hydra at a time. Then if we look into meteor, we can see it's casting cost will be hard to deal with, so we might not be able to stack too much meteor as well anyway... As you can see every Arcane spell have huge draw back and hydra doesn't escape it but to me it doesn't seems worst than other spells of the same category.

here is the last patch note i saw: http://www.diablofans.com/news/1122-patch-15-unofficial-changes-official-patch-notes/
if you check the wizard balance you can see the hydra gets boost in damage while spells like Familiar(Sparkflint) and Magic Weapon(Force Weapon) are getting nerfed and this is what makes me think it will be worth trying hydra as I think it will be well balanced when the game comes out.

Now here are 2 cool build I came up with featuring hydra.

Ice build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#cPYilO!WYX!YYbaYc
Arcane build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#aVRilO!ZXY!YaZacc

There are countless other ways to integrate Hydra, I definitly think that it can be used in many other build as it can deal any type of damage. I will definitly try it out when the game comes out.
I thouth I had Frost Hydra selected for my Ice build, Arcane Hydra doesn't make sense for an Ice build, sorry for missing that error... So the intended build is:

Ice build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#aVRilO!ZXY!YaZYcc
The fact that Hydra does generally low weapon damage is made up for by the sheer duration.

If you position it properly, hydra will hit every time.

Most melee mobs will move towards you. Most ranged (bow+arrow) mobs will stand still. Most casters will move around. I'tll be hard to hit casters, but if you position the hydra behind you it'll hit everything moving towards you basically 100% of the time.

There are erratic moving mobs, but they're just as detrimental to every spell. Electrocute and Lightning Hydra are exceptions to this rule as they pick their target and hit 100% but the tradeoff is they don't really go well with any passives but Paralysis and it's generally weaker than the others.

I admire Blizzard for their ability to put tradeoffs in this game.

Hydra is a very good spell. More and more people are coming to realize this.
03/20/2012 09:29 PMPosted by Heratli
The fact that Hydra does generally low weapon damage is made up for by the sheer duration.

I have to disagree here hydra will not be doing generally low weapon damage in fact it will be quite high at lvl 60 because of the way int scales with spells and since hydra dose multiple attack each head dose x% which again scale with int. the increased duration is because of how the hydra heads attack They attack pretty slow and their projectiles can miss.

I generally hate long duration on any from of offensive skill it makes the skill feel less than what it is you drop and forget it. hydra is the only exception for this only because of the way int scale with spell damage and the way the spell it self functions.

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