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Sounds good, allow it to stack (with diminishing returns IE 1.2 multiplier after one pack 1.3 after 1.35 after three and so forth), and lost upon death.

Nice work.

PSSST monk weapon animations.
Did you ignore the part (the main part even) about the buff not going away on logout? :DThere would be no need to try to keep your current game open.

That defeats the purpose of the Nephalem buff as people would simply chain run the main boss over and over. Logging out and back in to do it again over and over with a max neph buff.
This sounds really great.
What's the reason for having it at lvl60, and not earlier?

edit: awesome change, I really like it.
Honestly, my guess is that they want players to feel free to experiment with their builds freely before then, when they are still getting new skills, rather than encourage leveling players to not experiment in order to not lose out on bonus MF. IF this is the case I wonder if Blizzard would consider lowering the required level to 30 or so, as that seems to be the point you stop gaining new skills, and would have less reason to be changing them all the time for experimentation purposes.
quick Question :B
any1 Know if A Alienware x51 ? would run diablo 3 without any lag ...
quick Question :B
any1 Know if A Alienware x51 ? would run diablo 3 without any lag ...

Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll never be hungry again.

Look at the system specs for the pc in question and compare it to the minimum and recommended specs for D3, which can be found somewhere in the game guide or forums. Then you can see if it will be able to run it. better specs=less or no lag at all.
this was their goal for cataclysm

it ends the minute they add a non-luck based system for acquiring items (badges, tokens, points etc)

once you add that its just grind the same !@#$ over and over to get the new tier, once that tier is gone grind the same %^-* over and over get the new tier.

dont change this to WoW please
03/24/2012 12:54 AMPosted by Zinqf
Did you ignore the part (the main part even) about the buff not going away on logout? :DThere would be no need to try to keep your current game open.

That defeats the purpose of the Nephalem buff as people would simply chain run the main boss over and over. Logging out and back in to do it again over and over with a max neph buff.

No it wouldn't.
You can't respawn a boss by logging in and out.
If you have completed a quest then that boss isn't respawning until you reset the quest.
(Nor would any previous bosses afaik - the quest system as it currently works prevents repeated boss farming without quest resets)

Which is why; quest resetting should reset your Nephalem buff, logging out should not reset your Nepahlem buff.
One question: Why only at 60?

That's what I thought at first, but it makes sense for the player to be rewarded for maxing out their character experience. At that point, you'll also have max skills combinations, so the only thing left to do in the game is loot, max out your gear, and repair your items. This addresses all of those concerns and gives the player an extra incentive to continue playing the game.

I also think the player should be given a Nephalem Balor Buff combo. The counter remains active so long the player doesn't swap out skills, use potions, and keeps their health above 25%. Either that,or some kind of timer from defeating the last group.
I think a much better idea for end game would be to add payed (subscription or one time) dungeon content that would allow a bunch of people (more than 4+) into a wow size diablo 3 dungeon to go defeat a boss from the burning hells or high heavens.

I know that would be a lot more interesting to me personally. Screw the buff, who wants buffs with no content.
To all those asking why this buff starts at 60, and not earlier:
Because in a multiplayer game with an economy, the behavior of each player can have an effect on all other players who participate in that economy. In general, it's in the best interest of the game for it to be very reluctant to give the player more stuff, because every time an item drops, it devalues all similar items already in the economy.

Of course, each player wants to maximize their personal ownership of the total wealth in that economy, and thus will generally be in favor of anything that increases their ability to acquire wealth. But for the good of the game, these things should be hard to come by.

Blizzard has stated that their intent is for the path to max level to not be a terribly repetitive one. You're not supposed to grind for experience or gear at each step of the way. You're supposed to progress through the acts, through each difficulty, and naturally end up close to max level by the end of Hell. Experiencing the story and leveling up dominate the player's motivations up to that point, but once those run out, the game shifts to refining your build, and acquiring better gear. At that point, when the goal is about acquiring gear, it's appropriate for the incentives to revolve around it.
I have a question, and honestly I couldn't search all those 40 pages of text.

Do drops coming from the Rare/Champion monster(s), which starts the buff, are calculated before the buff kicks in or after? Will it have any effect on particular drop chances from the ''kick-starter'' monster?
So can you play if i already have the client because of the annual pass?
03/21/2012 08:59 AMPosted by Bashiok
The exact amount of magic find and gold find provided by the buff is still being reviewed, as is the amount of extra loot you get from a boss while the buff is active. We’re also playing around with whether or not the buff stacks, what the duration should be, and whether or not it should persist through death. We want to make sure the buff is strong enough to make staying in your current game more rewarding than creating a new game. At the same time, if the buff is too strong, it risks making shorter play sessions feel not worthwhile.
In order to make this worth while (enough to stay in one game) on the user end, I would think it should at least refresh instead of stack, endure long enough to reach a boss (if you mean business and aren't lolly-gagging), and definitely persist through death.
I haven't played diablo 3, but it sounds like this is going to make the farming items process:

1. Kill champion mobs on the entire map
2. Kill weakest boss first
3. Kill other bosses in order for best loot on final boss

You've got to min/max while doing mf runs, this sounds like it's going to make the mf process very time consuming...

Does the buff cap out at least? or suffer diminishing returns? I would hate to have to find every single champion/elite mob on every level to have the best opportunity. Of course, somebody will eventually find the optimal amount to kill to get the best mf before diminishing returns compared to the amount of time it takes to get it, but either way ...

Eh what do I care, it's better than without the buff anyway. But it's also a reason to nerf player's magic find (which will suck especially prior to level 60).
Will I be able to keep my beta Characters?
I like this idea a lot. It reminds me of a mechanic from Guild Wars (can't remember the name) where it encourages you to keep going rather than starting instances over. I strongly support the idea of encouraging non-swapping of skills mid-adventure.

Although farming at level 60 will be the pinnacle, I think farming will be important at other niches, such as preparing for Hell difficulty after having recently cleared Nightmare.

Perhaps after a difficulty is finished, you can replay the final act(s) of that difficulty level with the newly unlocked MF buff. For example, after completing Nightmare, you might go back to the last act of nightmare for a gear run with some friends, get the MF buff and go nuts. Then, when you begin Hell, there would be no gear buff until you completed Hell then came back to farm Hell before doing Nightmare.

Another suggestion, much more liberal: why not include a buff like this all the time, earned after X (~15-30 minutes of non-swapping killing). The only downside is that it would discourage early and mid-game experimentation.
Finally, i can post!!!! No beta, but totally excited about DIII....OMG!
This idea's great. It'll really give inferno and everything else at 60 the elite feeling that people want from end-game play and it'll certainly make players feel they can still progress at some pace post 60. I saw some recent FAQ on this that answered a lot of questions and everything sounds great (the grace period for login after dc to stop dc killing your stacked buff etc.). One thing I didn't see addressed was swapping gear...

In the spirit of getting loot while doing these 'nephalem valor runs' or 'NV runs' or whatever, it seems like losing your stacked buff for equipping a new piece of gear doesn't really fit. If your baba gets a sweet new mighty 2h inferno drop you'll want to equip it without losing your buff! That being said, it also doesn't seem right that players can:

-max out their stacks of NV buff in areas of their choosing
-move to the final boss of whatever act
-chomp boss down to 5% life
-all players swap completely to MF gear
-nibble away at the last of the boss' life in gimpy MF gear
-watch him/her explode in a fountain of yellow, green, and gold text

Players probably wouldn't bother gear swapping for extra MF while building stacks of the buff, but I guarantee that for act bosses it would be exploited by everyone.

I'm sure there are a million awesome ways to overcome this, but for me the most obvious one is to incorporate a cooldown system on gear changes while the buff is active. Even just a 2min cooldown per single equipment slot change would prevent the big MF gear boss swap. 2mins is so short that it's unlikely that it would ever stop someone from equipping a sweet new inferno drop on the fly, but it's also long enough to stop a full MF gear change at the end of a boss fight. Maybe if you tried to change a piece of gear before your 2min cooldown was up, a prompt could remind you that doing so would make you lose all or some stacks of your buff. It couldn't be a popup box but maybe an exclamation mark could appear over your char's head for a moment and there could be some kind of audio alert. Maybe your char could have a line of dialogue saying something about ditching the buff as 'drastic measures are necessary' or something.

An alternative would be to lose 1 stack of buff per equipment slot change. This means that people will only change gear when they find an upgrade rather than an item swap to get a few extra skill points in a shout or some more MF etc. I'm not really as much a fan of this because I don't think people should be penalised at all for equipping a genuinely better item that they find while running around with a stacked up buff. Surely aquiring and equipping new gear is the point of the buff in the first place?

These two unpolished solutions each have their drawbacks. The 1st 2min cooldown method will still mean everyone will swap in their single biggest %MF equip slot at 5% boss life without losing their buff. Whether it be a chest slot, ring, or whatever, swapping one piece would be ok in method 1 to add an extra chunk of MF before a kill.

The 2nd method prevents any MF exploitation whatsoever without the penalty of losing a stack of buff per equipment slot change. The drawback is that it also penalises players who find a slot upgrade while the buff is active. They have to take the hit and lose a stack off buff to equip it, or make do with what they have until the run is over. In reality item upgrades will be rare, and most serious players who care about MF and NV buffs will happily lose 1 stack of buff to equip a new item. Given the current idea that each new stack of the NV buff will give a smaller %MF increase than the last, losing the most recent and therefore also the weakest of those stacks will be a small price to pay to put your new gear on.

For all I know though, all of this could be unnecessary. For all we know MF could be a common property on items, or it could at least not be the major dps sacrifice that everyone seems to think it will be. My MF sorc in diablo 2 was only lvl 85-90(?) but I still chomped through hell because it really isn't that hard to pick MF gear that suits your killing style. I had about 350% MF if I remember which wasn't right up with the really serious players but was decent. I also remember balancing MF and killing power as most of my MF runs were done solo. It really wasn't that hard as MF is just one property and most uniques come with 6+. I imagine that most players who make it to inferno will soon start to balance MF and killing power. Some will live for the loot, some will be gearing up their pvp char, some will be in it for the $ on RMAH, others will just love the killing...


PS. I would love a beta key...

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