Why does Spike Trap look so bad?

Demon Hunter
Surely I can't be the only one so take a look.
This is spike trap before, the spinning razor circle things on the ground. Awesome, right?

This is spike trap now, the black circle on the ground, very boring and unpleasing..

Why did you guys go from such awesomeness to such boring animations? I don't even want to make a demon hunter anymore. This makes me a sad panda.

This is the blizzard version, that video is not from an emulator.
Reading the comments on the skill page for Spike Trap, I am noticing a general consensus among people that it's bad and they want the buzz saw animation back. I have to agree. I was planning on making a trap based discipline DH, but now I think i'll pass because that animation is just atrocious. Guess I gotta wait and see what retail holds. Probably the same bad animation.

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