Arcane Build

Wizard!ZXc!YbYZYZ The idea is to get the familiar out as soon as possible then put out 3 tornadoes before spamming arcane orb.
Few problems. The biggest, Familiar + 3x Tornadp + even one Orb, is a huge ton of mana. It is more realistic to say one familiar, one tornado, one orb. Next, Tornado sucks. Not even on a guess, it is available in beta, the spell is garbage. You drop it, and it can (and often does) literally go the opposite direction from enemies. Also, its not instant damage, so even if it goes toward enemies, unless it happens to follow them (by luck), youll never get the full damage. THe spell needs a rework to follow enemies, or be stationary at a cast point or something; its bad at this point.

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