Farming build?


Any ideas of how to make this work better would be nice!
..... good lord, no offence but this built is .....

Ok. you have Arcane Dynamo, but no heavy DPS spell (like Meteor or Arcane Orb) to benefit from it.

Also you have two Signature spells, and you definately should not have more than one. Signature spells are not meant to do sersious DPS to mobs, it is just a mechanic to help you recharge mana.

The runes in Diamond Skins and Archon are terrible. Doing a little bit of burst damage every 15 or 120 seconds is .... terrible. There are definately better runes to use.

Overall this built is missing any serious cohesion. I cant offer you a suggestion because based on what I see I have no idea what you are trying to do. Whatever you choose make sure the abilities and passive work well with each other and buff each other (like Black Ice with RoF or Conflagation with Mammonth Hydra or Temporal Flux with Arcane spells etc.) You will not survive later difficulties otherwise.
I like everything except the fact that you have no reliable AoE. All you have is a measly 155% every 15 seconds and then a big one every two minutes. Not to mention these are within melee range.

Also, from my experience double signatures is a no-no. I would take out spectral if any. Melee range attack for inferno? No thanks. Put the AP recharge on Magic Missile and swap out Spectral for an AoE maybe. Also, i'm "eh" about the diamond skin rune. Crystal Shell and Prism seem to be the best rune options.

Add in a reliable/spammable AoE and i give it the thumbs up.

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