My Crazy D3 Predictions- SPOILERS !!!

Lore and Story
WARNING of SPOILERS below !!!!
YOU WERE WARNED = so read on ......

So I tried to stay spoiler free for the majority of the time that D3 was being developed but ALAS I cratered after I finally got a Beta invite shortly before patch 15 arrived. I do not own any of the books, novels, comics, etc that Blizzard has released and all my speculation comes from stuff I have read on the internetz.

This picture is a quest Icon that was datamined.. To me it looks like a person laying on a funeral pyre thats about to be cremated like they used to do back in the medievil days.. Looks like Cain will indeed DIE in D3.. After watching the Black Soulstone video it makes sense that Leah will indeed be the new focus for character interaction as far as lore goes. Shes trying to figure something out and to me it seems like Cains ideas might finally be making sense for her as she hears Azmodan talk , and then she kneels down and cries at the end realizing all that Cain has been telling her was actually true but she blew it off and didnt believe his crazy ramblings and now she realizes he was right. I dont think she'll be the new Diablo, it would be too obvious of a story plot for them to do that. I do think she will be the new last Horradrim and take over Cains role..

Im still fuzzy on all the details but it seems to me a few things will happen in some sort of order like this ...

The Meteor is Tyreal, Im convinced of this because of some datamined pictures Ive seen and they call him "the Stranger" until after we defeat the Skeleton King. I dont think we know this early in the game but figure it out after we Kill the Skeleton King. ---> Tyreal ---> Tyreal

Cain will die early on, perhaps before act 2 (the Book of Cain) suggests this as well. We will then look to Leah for answers which she didnt really believe until Cain bites the dust.

I think Belial will be the young Prince that rules Caldeum in act 2. He is the Lord of Lies and there is a lot of speculation , IE- secluding himself and changing his guards, etc, etc...

Act 3 = we could fight Azmodan at last but Im unceratin of this as of now.

Act 4 = Im totally confused here. The internetz are rampant with talk of Imperious the ticked off Angel decsending upon Sanctuary and destroying everything he can. Im not sure if we'll see him there or if it will be Diablo.. Or perhaps we'll see them both as Blizzard has stated its not just a linear story of act 1 boss, act 2 boss, act 3, etc, etc... Ive seen the datamined images that proves this as well --->

of a lot of different bosses so it appears we will fight many different battles in D3.. IM looking forward to the game and learnnig some of the lore has inspired me to make this post.. If you've made it this far I'll take any cunstructive critiscism/ bashing that may await me...

CHEERS for DIABLO 3 !!!!
Interesting, but there is not enough evidence to prove what you say. Tyrael as the meteor makes sense but is blizz simple? No, they could change it around easily so that we can never understand the story until we finish normal.
Yea Im literally just taking a guess on whats going to happen after reading into the lore a bit more so I cant claim Im right or wrong on anything Ive mentioned above..

= )

Just fun speculation thats all. And I hope they take the lore a bit more into the game and have more cut scenes than just at the end of every act like d2 did.. They could use the lore to their advantage and make this a really good game if they choose to.. Im hoping they do at least ...
Pretty good predictions from March 2012.
Jesus. The only thing he was wrong about was Leah not being Diablo.

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