What will you name your Witch Doctor?

Witch Doctor
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Hey everybody im wondering what people will be naming their Witch Doctor

If you want to particapate just say your name and why you chose it.


Name: Gorathon

Why?: It is original and it is my wow charaters name.

This is just for fun and to see what people names are.
I have a running list of names (I mean it is the most important thing right). If I told you, I'd have to kill you. See me on DoR. I'll give a hint: its a nod to old school D&D.

Spanish for chief...and my name is Jeff, a friend's foreign exchange student used to call me thus since she had trouble with her J's.
Come on people whats going to be your name.
Doctor Kevorkian.....
Witch Doctor Strangelove or how I learned to stop worrying and love the firebomb...
ba'althamon - first toon ever in d1 i mage
Gharbad the weak...

Really though, either my usual first character build name, Aragoth, or I was even thinking Crash Bandicoot, those that have played any of them would understand
haha crash bandicoot I loved that game when i was a kid
Ima Name my WD:

Cadillac Williamz
Akuaku or Rafiki, have to decide still hehe.
04/24/2012 01:06 AMPosted by Bartok
Akuaku or Rafiki, have to decide still hehe.

dude i might have to steal some of your ideas, both of those names are friggin' awesome (massive lion king/crash bandicoot fan here)
Hehe, feel free to do so, bro. since names are no longer exclusive, we can do a Rafiki convention!! xDD

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