Do slowing effects stack

Demon Hunter
For example, if I use entangling shot and and then use frost runed elemental arrow, is the mob slowed by some extra amount? I apologize in advance if this was posted somewhere but I couldn't find an answer.
Doesnt look like it. I do not know of an answer off the top of my head, but playing in the beta caltrops + entangling, the aura on there feet of being slowed by 60% is already active doesnt change the slow ammount just reapplies it if the other one is a better slow / longer duration.
And what about multiple people using different abilities with slow effect?

If they all stack, seems you can virtually root enemies.

Wouldnt bee too unbalanced though, since effects dont last more than a few short seconds.
The most logical (like they use in WoW) would be to make which ever effect is the strongest overwrite any weaker effect, or if a weaker effect tries to overwrite a stronger effect then nothing would happen.

But I think the easiest way for them to implement it here (because of the combat being so fast paced) would be just to make whichever effect is the newest apply.

Of course, this would easily be answered if 2 people playing beta logged in with WD and DH and tried GotDing and ESing the same enemies and posting their results.
I believe the stronger effect persists.

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