hardcore after level 10

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How many of you will go straight into hardcore at level 10? I certainly won't but have no problems against it. I'll be enjoying the storyline on normal with my friends and then jump to the HC after some of the original entertainment value has warn off.
i played HC offline so my chances of being killed by lag / DC was ruled out. i did play HC a few times on ladder... (died to lag on all of them) think the farthest i got was act 3 then i got super super bored because of how slow and careful you needed to be... that and grinding areas for a few levels just o be safe when you move onto the next area was annoying and made progressing very slow.

normal mode for me.
rushing to 10 in softcore to unlock HC!
Rushing to 10 with SK runs before hitting HC.
Hopefully the requirement to unlock HC in retail is same as in beta.

Yes, I will!
Not me.
I might dabble in HC for like 1 or 2 levels but its not for me.

SC all the way.
HC is how I play Dia games

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