Plx comment my new DH build.

Demon Hunter
I made this build, but i don't know how skill is better on 6th slot:!YcU!caaYbZ

Bola shot to restore hatred and hit Boss' mob.
Rapid Fire to main damage.(I don't know if is better reduce the initial cost to 5 hatred and use caltrops to slow and activate my 2nd passive or slow 80% move speed with Web Shot and trade caltrops to Shadow Power with mastery that restore 45 hatred in 3 seconds).
Marked for Death with Mortal Enemy cause i saw that rapid fire do 6 hits per second and spend 10 hatred/sec. Mortal Enemy restores 3 hatred every hit... so i'll restore 8 hatred/sec with rapid fire in theory. But i don't beliave Blizzard will let me use a powerful skill with no cost until the monster (and boss) die.
Caltrops and Vault is to defend and maximize the passives.
This last skill is the problem. When i built it, i thought stay with a good distance of the mob (cause i have a Barbarian IRL partner to tank), use caltrops and hit rapid fire to kill single monster or mobs. Spike Trap with Sticky Trap is good if Boss summon monsters that protect him from my rapid fire, i can use this trap to kill the summons, burst 404% weapon damage on boss and back hit him.
Another option is get shadow power with Blood Moon to restore my health, but 4 skills that use discipline are dangerous.
Maybe Multishot is the best option to restore discipline when hit the mob.

Please comment about.
No suggestions ? Its perfect?
With the current build you'll probably be discipline starved. I would replace vault with evasive shot and Displace rune, 5 less yards but you'll increase damage a little bit and save discipline while generating hatred. Though I do see your plan of never letting them get that close to use evasive but I feel the minor loss of +20% damage for a couple of seconds is worth the cheapness of evasive shot.
That'll definitely help when you have to remark "Marked for Death" in boss fights since you will be need to vault multiple times and spending lots of discipline.
I'm not too sure how I like this if you come across a large pack of enemies though, even with all the CC, if they aren't grouped it could be tricky.
Overall I like it and may steal this build :)
I like the build a lot. I might have changed Bola/RApid fire for something like Hungering arrow/Multishot or some kind of nice aoe.

Or maybe replace vault with evasive fire + entangling/rapid fire?

I think it's pretty much up to what style you wanna play at that point.

Will steal build =)
Thanks Vinto and Tastyone to comment about my build and i remade it.!Ycf!YaaaYb

Evasive fire to restore hatred and run of (cause i need 10 yards distance to get 20% bonus damage).
Now the strategy (At least in theory):

Caltrops to slow target(s) and activate my second passive while Marked for Death increase damage on Bosses and give-me 3 hatred per hit, reducing Rapid Fire cost. Multishot for mobs.
I think just Hordes and Bosses can kill me, so if i need to regen HP, i'll use Multishot (2~3 times into 5~8 monsters) spending 45 hatred and regen my Discipline to use Shadow Power. Shadow power will regen 45 hatred in 3 seconds.

I don't know if i my explanation was confuse, but simplifying:

Evasive Fire = Hatred regen and escape from monsters. (+20% damage if have no enemies within 10 yards).
Rapid Fire = Main Damage on single targets and few enemies.
Caltrops = Slow. (15% more damage on enemies slowed).
Marked for Death = 12% more damage and hatred regen. (I don't know yet if is better Contagion or Mortal Enemy).
Shadow Power = Restore HP and give me 45 hatred in 3 seconds. (Restore hatred used on Multishot).
Multishot = AoE for lots/hordes of enemies. Spend 45 hatred to restore 15~21 Discipline. (If I group 5~7 monsters before use it).
Perfectionist = 7 Discipline Caltrops, 16 Discipline Shadow Power, 5 Discipline Marked for Death.Easier to restore with Multishot.

Well is it, but i'll need suggestions to build a cool Demon Hunter. Please comment :D
PS: I need know if Evasive Fire is better with Displace or Surge and if Marked for Death is better with Contagion or Mortal Enemy.
Thanks again =D
I actually like your original build the best, except sticky trap is probably hard to use right so probably multishot is better.

Also, try using archery instead of cull the weak. Archery is a constant +15% regardless of whether the enemy is slowed or not, while cull the weak's +15% requires a snare.
Yeah, but i'll use 2 crossbows, so will give me crit.

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