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while i am bored of waiting till i can play d3 i "invented" 2 classes based of idears what u want to see and what i want to see.
there is still a lot of work to do. because after i checked the wd i recognized i used to many simular skills.

anywas check them out and tell me what you think about:

first i'll introduce the soulhunter (kinda necro, dark and bad guy thing)

main attribute: dex or str
special weapon: scythe (love it :) )
resource: souls (max 10)

normal attacks/skills:
1. melee: sth like cleave: hits multible targets in front of you dealing 130% dmg
4. melee: deal 150% dmg cause bleeding for 3 sec
8. force (the darth vader skill): deal 30% weapon dmg per sec (you and the target cant move while using this skill)

non spender skill:

5. terror causes monster to flee for 2 sec
15. increase your doge chance by 25% for 5 sec
16. sacrefice 3% of your max. life gain 15% lifesteal for 10 sec
20. sacrefice 50% of ur max life to get a mirror image (100% of you max life but like you just on half hp) using same spells as you dealing 30% of your dmg when using normal attacks (spender skills dont have any affect)
28. soul harvest: (maybe within 12 yards infront of you) gain a 20% chance to take the souls of infected mobs, soulless mobs attack everything 45 sec cd (no impact on boss, elite or champion mobs)

6. 1 soul: causes a dead body to explode for 220% dmg in 8 yards
8. 3 souls: they'll build a wall enemies walk trough loose 10% dmg and 10% armor
10. 1 soul: target mob fights for you (no champions, rares and boss. you can also just controll 1 mob)
12. 1 soul: sacrefice 10% of ur max life send one soul to heal target ally for 40% of your max life over 10 sec (probably cant target yourselve)
14. 3 souls: 3 souls surround u dealing 10% dmg to nearby enemies and absorb 10% of incomming dmg ... last 30 sec
18. 8 souls: causing a living mob to explode knock back all enemies in a 30 yard arc dealing 250% weapon dmg (no champions, rares and boss) (could also be a rune for the dead body explosion skill)
24. 3 souls: hit 7 times with max attack speed
28. 5 souls: get vanish behind black smoke heals u for 5% of max health every sec gain 20% movement speed and deals 10% dmg to nearby monster for 3 sec (mobs will not attack you but can still hit you with ranged attacks or aoe dmg)
29. all souls: generate a golem witch has 25% of ur max life for each soul dealing 2% dmg for each soul... 120 sec cd
30. all souls: unleash every soul dealing 300% weapon dmg (can hit multiple targets)
30. all souls: sacrefice 20% of your current life adding 50% of the sacreficed life as dmg to your next primary attack... 120 sec cd

10. mobs you controll gain additional 20% life and 10% more dmg
11. when you pick up a health globe get 3% cirt chance and 30% crit dmg for 5 sec stacks up to 3 times
13. increase souls u can have to 20
15. adds 12% of your weapon dmg as poison over 3 sec to all attacks
19. when ever you get a soul gain 10% armor and 10% dmg for 3 sec can stack
21. increase movementspeed, attackspeed, all resistence and armor by 30% when u r below 30% of ur life
27. gain the souls of fallen creeps even if you havent killed them (killing blow)
28. get 2% dmg for every soul in your resource orb
29. recover 0,4% max life for every soul in your resource orb all 2 sec
30. get 1% crit chance and 5% crit dmg for every soul in your resource orb

now i want to show you my idea of a druid, shield useing guy.

main attribute: int
special weapon: kind of wooden slat and special shields
resource: 100 mana (increasing with the lvl and +int)

non spender skills:

1. (melee) 110% dmg hits on enemies have a chance to slow their movementspeed and attackspeed for 1 sec
3. (small range) fire a magic orb dealing 150% dmg
5. (small range) fire a magic orb exploding on impact for 120% dmg in 6 yard
10. shield hit: hit with the shield deal 25% dmg knockback an enemie 10 yards
16. conzetrate: add 5% crit chance and 50% crit dmg for 10 sec
25. regenerate (45 sec cd): gain 20% off max life and 20% mana per sec for 5 sec (you cant attack or use spells while using this skill)

spender skills:

4. 10 mana: summon butterflyes: and charm or flash enemies for 3 sec
6. 45 mana 5 sec cd: roots: slow enemies by 80% dealing 10% dmg in 24 yards
8. 50 mana 10 sec cd: summon whisp (like the one of the druid in d2)
9. 50 mana 2sec cd: summon up to 3 wolfs (druid d2)
10. 25 mana 5 sec cd: dust: enemies miss 30% attacks, attackspeed redueced by 25%, movementspeed redueced by 10%
10. 50 mana: wooden shield (makes your shield bigger): increase block chance to 100% for 3 sec
12. 50 mana: razor leaves storm: dealing 30% dmg aoe and slow enemies for 1 sec
14. 100 mana 60 sec cd: summon grizlly (druid d2)
18. 125 mana 5 sec cd: lightning dealing 5-500% dmg
20. 80 mana: sunshine: healing him self and all allies for 1100 life per sec for 10 sec within 50 yards
24. 150 mana: huricane (druid d2) dealing 140% dmg per sec. for 10 sec
28. 125 mana 30 sec cd: thorns: dealing 30% dmg when hit by melee for 15 sec
29. 160 mana 90 sec cd: transform into a walking meat eating plant: -10% movementspeed, -25% fire resistance, hit nearby enemies with 3 tentakels dealing 30% dmg as poison over 3 sec primary attaks will allow you to bite enemies for 200% dmg lasts 15 sec
30. 160 mana 90 sec cd: transform into a tree: move with 10% movementspeed, loose doge change, -25% fire resi. getting 100% more life and reg 1% life per sec, your primary attack deals 250% dmg and will knock back enemies lasts 15 sec

of course you can still use other spells and abilities while transformed

10. summon up to 4 wolfs
10. crit hits lower all your cds by 1 sec
13. add 2% attackspeed for each summon u got
15. increase your mana tank by 20 and mana reg is increased by 50%
17. your summons gain 10% chance to crit hit
21. 20% to poison, lighning and cold resistance
23. gain +25% to find a heath globe your summons also have a chance to drop health globes
27. your summons gain 25% more life
29. 4% lifeleech while transformd
30. increase armore by 30% while transformed
yes i know ... but the numbers are just examples to give you an idea of what i am thinking.
still some skills missing but i got some ideas for runes.

would be cool to see what u guys think about these two.
maybe instead of summon a whisp:

summon a big flower
with healing, + attakspeed, +dmg, +flashing enemies options
Tauren Space Marine

Attribute: Strength

Resource: Energy

Energy is generated using "Energy Generator" skills, and is used to fuel quick, damaging attacks. Energy has a cap of 200, and does not decay or regenerate.

Skill list:


2. Kinetic Absorbtion - Generates 125 Energy - Slows down all enemies within 15 yards by 30% for 5 seconds. 14 second cooldown.

5. Recharge - Generates 200 Energy - 20 second cooldown.

11. Energy Steal - Fires a projectile that inflicts 300% weapon damage to the enemy it hits, and generates 100 Energy. 12 second cooldown.

17. Power Burst - Generates 125 Energy - Increases your attack damage by 25% for 7 seconds. 14 second cooldown.

22. Fuel Cell - Generates 150 Energy - Heals you for 40% of your Health over 20 seconds. 20 second cooldown.

29. Defensive Charge - Generates 150 Energy - Increases armour and resistances by 100% for 4 seconds. 20 second cooldown.


1. Storm Strike - 5 Energy - An attack that inflicts 160% weapon damage as lightning to the target.

3. Flamethrower - 15 Energy/Second - Burns enemies in a 8 yard long cone in front of you for 110% weapon damage as fire every second.

4. Rapid Pulse - 1 Energy - Fire projectiles at 350% of your attack speed, however each attack on inflicts 45% of weapon damage.

7. Electrical Dash - 8 Energy - Dash quickly towards the target and strike them for 150% weapon damage as lightning. In addition, all enemies that were touched during the dash are stunned for 1 second.

9. Open Wounds - 6 Energy - A melee attack that inflicts 110% weapon damage as physical to the target. The target also suffers 25% weapon damage every time they attack or move 8 yards. This effect lasts 6 seconds.

12. Brutal Smash - 16 Energy - Inflicts 135% weapon damage to the target and knocks them back 20 yards. Any enemies they collide with suffer 75% weapon damage and inflict 10% weapon damage to the original target. If the original target collides with a wall, they suffer a further 50% damage.

13. Lock-On Target - 8 Energy - Inflicts 140% weapon damage to the target and causes all other enemies within 15 yards to flee for 3 seconds.

16. Focus - 4 Energy - Inflicts 80% weapon damage and stuns for 0.5 seconds on the first strike. Each consecutive attack against the same target with Focus inflicts 30% more damage than the last (maximum of 260%), and stuns for 0.5 seconds longer than the last (up to 3.5 seconds).

20. Power Pulse - 12 Energy - Inflicts 90% weapon damage to all enemies within 8 yards and knocks them back slightly.

23. Transfer - 6 Energy - Inflicts 80% weapon damage per strike, and restores health equal to 25% of damage dealt.

27. Blink - 10 Energy - Teleport to a target up to 20 yards away and strike it for 120% weapon damage. If no target is struck, there is a 12 second cooldown.


5. Restore - Spends all Energy - Heals you and all allies within 15 yards for 1% of your maximum health per 5 Energy spent.

10. Shockwave - Spends all Energy - Inflicts 3% weapon damage as Lightning to all enemies within 15 Yards per point of Energy spent.

18. Halt - Spends all Energy - Stuns all enemies within 15 yards for 1 second per 20 Energy spent.

24. Surge - Spends all Energy - Increases attack speed by 1% for every point of Energy spent. Lasts 6 seconds.

30. Rupture - Spends all Energy - Damages all enemies within 15 yards for 1% of their maximum health in damage per 4 Energy Spent. This does not affect Unique monsters or Bosses.

Just the basic idea.

tauren space marine!? ^^

not... but give it and some skills other names and baaaam gj dude ... i like that class

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