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A good classic saying goes like this, at least we have it in Denmark and it pretty much means. You should not try and skip parts that's necessary just to get things done fast.
So far the D3 is looking quite good, there is a few minor details not looking well, but the general theme and feel of the game is alright. I've always loved Blizzard for making games, that left you with a feeling of satisfaction, knowing they took their time to polished every object and feature as much as possible. That's the key selling part of the team and one of the reason why so many is following their games.

Sadly the monk class isn't really feeling up to par with the rest of the class, lacking animation, awkward resource system, weird armor sets making it look like a fighter wearing full plate gear.
That's imo not really cutting it for me, which is why I'm speaking my mind here. Whether or not you agree isn't really the point, it's more or less my attempt at giving Blizzard a few words from my thoughts about the design decisions so far.
The armor sets is something we can live with, thanks to the dye system and the big variety we have of items in the game.
However the lack of weapon animations for some of the basic attacks, that we will be spamming for hundreds of hours is gonna make the game feel less polished. To an extend Blizzard have created a quite high expectation for the D3, without a doubt I'm sure they will be succesful to some degree.
But I can't help to notice, that an class in the upcoming WoW expansion is the exact same class, but far more developed than the D3 monk. The perfect example is the Jab in WoW, that ability will change depending on the weapons you are using. Change the animation, resource cost and damage if I have done my research right.
Why exactly cant this be done for the D3 Monk, "Deadly Reach" can be recreated if using an Daibo with some cool animation and the class will all of the sudden feel ten times more polished.
An ability such as "Fists of Thunder" can simply be renamed IF using and Daibo to "XXXXX of Thunder" depending on what fits the lore and general class theme. The name doesn't really matter at all its the lack of animation that makes the class look unpolished as hell. Call it "Cats of Thunder" and it would still be better IF using and animation with your wielded weapons.

Obviously this is alot of work for the monk class, so close to the release date. This could be sorted out by only allowing monks to use Fist weapon and daibos until the rest is completed. In my mind this would make the game feel more polished and leave the class to feel unique and not awkward.TL:DR

Monks feel unpolished and Blizzard is known for very polished games.
Since the lack of animation for weapons would help on this, the abilties name and animation should change depending on what weapon is being used. Restrict monks to use fist weapons and daibo until the animation have been created for all weapons.
I don't follow you. Mostly because I stopped reading at the point you said "Monks don't feel up to pair." Now I think you meant up to par, but I still think you are wrong. I find the monk to be a very well created and complete class. That would be why it is my first play choice once the retail client is released.
Monk feels very polished, sorry. Can't tell if you are in the beta from your icon. But the gameplay is crisp, which is what matters.

Asking for something complex like animation changes isn't going to happen. It's just as silly as a wizard who puts their shield on their back every 2 seconds to cast a spell...a little awkward, but the class still plays fine.

This is a change that matters a little, but takes a lot of work. So will end up low priority, if it ever happens at all.

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