Solo build w/ Templar?

Demon Hunter
With no access to Beta and very limited experience with the previous games, I'm curious about this build:!eTb!YZYbcc

I fear this will limit escape and kiting at the expense of damage, but not having played much before I'm not sure how a lot of these talents and coefficients will stack up. What are your thoughts, please?

Thx in advance.
First time i don't know if critical strike work in abilities that don't talk about crit on description (like Impale with Grievous wounds). If don't work, sharpshooter will be useless.
You have a very aggressive build and maybe works when you play with a team, but in hell mode, if the mob don't die to Fan of Knives + Cluster Arrow and your hatred end, you don't have escape skills. Remember that Bosses can change the target and come to you. Shadow Power + Preparation can give you some seconds to kill, but if your hatred end, just hungering arrow and shadow power can't heal more than a horde of monsters even if you take just 35% damage.

Remember monsters can come from ground around you, so you can't positioning well and templar can't tank a Boss or Elite monster alone.!eTb!YZYbbc
Vault can be better than Fan of Knives in my opinion. You can leave if they surround you and be behind templar alltime. If templar die, you can escape too.
Excellent, thanks for the insight! I really wish I had a chance to at least try some of these out. Sounds like vault and a slow might give me a little breathing room, despite the terrible play on words. =)
Any ability can crit (not sure if DoTs can. I would assume not, but you never know, they changed it in WoW). You start with a base 5% chance to crit and crits deal 50% more damage or 1.5x

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