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The only things that are going to sell are:

a) Rare/Legendary weapons, but they'll be modestly priced or not sell for too much apiece.
b) Gold in massive amounts for cheap
c) Stacks of potions and crafting materials large amounts for cheap.
d) High Quality Gems

Who's going to buy a middling weapon or armor for real cash when you can play for a few hours and get something similar or better?

Personally, I only plan to sell enough items and gold on the RMAH to pay for a future expansion.

But I suspect even that much will take quite a bit of effort ...
I'm at work right now, and will be at work during most of my play time (gotta love back-shift) so anything made will be added to my normal income hehehe

That being said the number of people who will retire on RMAH profits will be fewer than lottery winners, its all about the rng.

Technically you could farm inferno for weeks before getting one legendary item, and even then it might roll with worthless stats.

Or you could log in smash 5 barrels in hell and immediately get 5 legendaries with amazing stats.

I'm willing to bet those who try to make money will lose more "investing" in the gear needed to farm late inferno lol
Rich kids will always spend a ton of cash on virtual items, that is guarenteed.
Get lucky and drop something they want and you're minted, end of.

Materials and gold farming however will be a waste of time, people will always undercut to sell fast. I'm guessing after the first few months the market will be flooded with these, except for high level gems + crafting materials where the big money will be.
04/04/2012 10:49 PMPosted by Tiberius
Supply and demand will take effect and your week-long grind might buy you a cheeseburger.

I can haz? :3


But seriously, I'm not expecting to make very much, but any bit helps.
The people who strike it rich will be the ones who play the auction house, not the actual farmers. You can count on that.
The general masses are quick to reject change, change creates chaos in their minds, they start to create fake theories in their head as to why it won't happen, those theories of course, hold no weight, as does their attempt to change the course it is headed by posting on this forum
Nobody can possibly know how it will work at this point only speculation.

But many many things sold on those 3rd party sites. AND that was with duped items too, shouldn't be any duping in D3

I hope you can pack sell items that are sets instead of selling them one piece at a time.
04/04/2012 11:53 PMPosted by D3BETA
I disagree... who wouldn't pay a nickel or a dime for some blue that they happen to need? All that stuff will add up fast.

If... and I stress ***IF*** Blizzard keeps the current beta RMAH posting system, the minimum amount ***ANY*** item will go for on the RMAH is $1.50.
Im willing to spend thousands of dollars to get the best gear that i cant find myself. As far as i can see in this post , all posters that have answered dont have a job or anything, just go to school or something like that.

I mean - if a person have a fulltime job earning perhaps 40 dollar each hour (thats pretty average atleast in Norway) , and can buy a service from someone willing to spend a whole week worth of farming - i will be glad to pay hundreds of dollars of that service. Everything lower than that is ofcourse just a bonus.

Its simple. If somebody is willing to sell their whole week of farming for 10 dollar, somebody will bid 15 dollar, 20 dollar, and so on. The marked will control itself.

Its supply/demmand
Not that much.

The idiots that think you can make a living out of this needs a dose of reality. Most would be better off flipping burgers than try to make a living out of D3.

I have a friend that made about $8k in a year in a certain MMO in his free time. I'd wager you can make more than these people think you can if you:

- Multibox
- Learn the economy inside and out
- Dedicate ALOT of time to the game

In the end the $ per hour will be laughable, but if its just some extra cash in your spare time then whats the harm?
Chump change. Companies in China will own the RMAH.
04/04/2012 10:52 PMPosted by Aizen
The abundance of Chinese farmers will ruin it. It's the akin result to every other gaming economy. People never learn.

I thought the RMAH was set up in zones. I thought each zone could only access their RMAH and therefore meant china wouldn't touch the RMAH here in the states? Anybody else remember reading that? or am I losing it?
Yes but im saying selling very commonly used items constantly rather then trying to find a rare item that will sell for alot more.

like maybe theres a item every1 will need and people will be willing to pay 2-5$ for 1 and you could find 5-10 of these in a day no problem while other people waste there time trying to find 1 item to equal the same value as your 10 items

it would be like selling mc'donalds hammerbugers vs red robin hammerburgers...they both sell. But who do you think sells more in a single day.

I approve hammerburgers
If we can make pocket change (possibly enough to buy the snacks we eat while playing :p ) that'd be more than enough for me.

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