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I have absolutely no doubt the music for Diablo 3 will be awesome, but after a playthrough or two I'll end up turning it off and playing some other music to fuel my adrenaline pumped adventures through Sanctuary and beyond. I plan to make a huge playlist of my Meshuggah, Aphex Twin, and Nine Inch Nails collections, along with some other random odds and ends. What will you be listening to while smashing in the demonic faces of the Burning Hells? What music is Diablo-worthy to you?
I'm going to go a little old school with a little of punk, rock, and country and play some ACDC, blink-182, linkin park, metallica, and probably throw in a little my darkest days with a twist of great big sea.
I heard that was pretty good. I need to check it out.
The more Diablo I play, the more metal I'm gonna need...

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