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Demon Hunter

so Shadow power got changed back to attack speed + move again?
I'm sure that Shadow Power is an outdated one, and as far as I'm aware of, nothing has changed.
confusing having new vids presented to you with things that got changed several patches ago lol
I don't get why they call this one a new video. I can remember seeing it like weeks ago. What are you doing blizz, giving us old videos and news repeatedly?
It's not a new video. Shadow Power is still the same !@#$ty spell they changed it to. They just made this video before the change. I can see why they needed to change it because it was honestly way too good of a spell before, but now it's crap. They could have made different changes to balance it without nerfing it to hell / changing it's effect entirely.
The new Demon Hunter Overview video is awesome! Wow! Has rekindled some excitement for this game, the action sequences just look GREAT and far beyond anything from D1 & DII.

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