Will You Use Grenedair and Why?

Demon Hunter
Will you use the Grenedair (I know probably spelled wrong)? I like the hate booster attribute but don't you think the explosion on death needs a buff? I mean, what's 450% weapon damage going to do? I can see it doing fairly decent damage if it the explosion fills up a large amount of the screen in a heavy fight, but I think I will pass on it. The WD has a 30 second cool down spell that does over 700% weapon damage (zombie tower). If the DH passive ability would just do at least 800% weapon damage, I may use it, but in its current state, I don't see much use for it.
The on death thing is, I'm pretty sure, just for fun. I don't think it warrants being tooo strong because then everyone will pick it just to suicide bomb everything, especially in arena ;p

I'm excited about this grenadier build:


Maximum use of grenades as a hatred generator, then use rocket based damage for aoe and single target damage.
Very nice build. I like it a lot will most likely try it. i like the fact you can use it as early as lvl 36 as well ( For the active skills at least! )
Good build. Modified it a little bit to get Bat Companion for more hatred gen thus more Cluster Arrow spam; and changed Vault to Evasive Fire 30 yard backflip. Since evasive fire is cheaper in discipline cost, I took out Perfectionist and got Archery for some more boom boom. The spec doesnt have alot of ways to slow opponents down other than caltrops, so I figured killing fast would be invaluable for the spec.

You can also modify the rune for Grenades to Cluster Grenades to increase the chance that they will actually hit your target; from the videos that I saw they landed in very unpredictable ways, alot of them didnt even hit their target or the target moved a step or two by the time they landed.

I like your modification. I'll keep cluster grenades in mind, certainly the bat's hatred regen will make up for the loss of tinkerer if I find I need more accurate grenades instead of more hatred making grenades.

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