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Demon Hunter
If anyone could leave opinions or feedback on this build i would appreciate it.


It interests me what people's opinions are and it also helps me when I can see something from another person's point of view. All replies welcome, Thanks.
Ok in my opinion, it's not completely terrible but could use a few tweaks.

For one, you're using nightstalker but with no critical strike talents, that's not a good sign. In fact, I'm not quite sure why you're taking another discipline talent at all when all your moves have a very low discipline cost, especially when you picked engineering to double the efficiency on all your discipline skills already!

For two, you're using numbing traps, which I think is completely awful. You shouldn't be anywhere near the enemy when the traps hit, and even if they are, it's not going to reduce a whole lot of damage since it lasts 3 seconds. I also do not like the fact that you have neither vault nor evasive fire, how are you going to extricate yourself from an "oh no" situation?

On the other hand, I think all the other choices you made are very good, those are the runes I would have taken. I'm loving long fuse, hooked spines in particular, those I can't get enough.
I'm leery of the wording in the Lightning Ball rune. The way I interpret it, it removes the AoE segment of Bola Shot and only does the damage to your primary target. Otherwise, wouldn't it say "in addition to blah blah it has a chance to stun blah blah"?

Aside from that, I agree with Damastes on both of the passives and also about mobility. I just can't imagine not having Vault in my build. I guess I would have to sacrifice one of the Hatred spenders to get it in there.
Damastes - My thought behind the nightstalker talent is that i hopefully will crit enough with rapidfire to gain my discipline. Also im hoping that i am able to lay down more than one sentry at a time. That would be nice. Secondly i have numbing traps because I am mostly going to be playing with friends and I have a lot of traps of course.

Hax- It is my belief that the lightning ball rune does 130% damage in an AOE specifically because it states it has a 35% chance to stun the PRIMARY target. I hope i will not need to have vault in my build since I have my traps and the stun, I'd rather CC than position myself quickly if i can.

I'm looking to go into each battle prepared and to have a lot of options at my disposal especially when i am with my group. Thanks for the feedback.
I guess in group play Spike Trap + Numbing Trap passive does work out pretty well to help reduce damage taken by teammates. In a solo environment I see it being far less useful. I hope you're right about Lightning Ball because it would definitely be bottom of the barrel as far as rune selection for Bola Shot if it didn't have its AoE.
Damastes - My thought behind the nightstalker talent is that i hopefully will crit enough with rapidfire to gain my discipline. Also im hoping that i am able to lay down more than one sentry at a time.

But I don't think you can lay down more than one sentry at a time, or it would have shown up in the official video.

With engineering, your caltrops costs 6 discipline every 12 seconds, which is -0.5 discipline/second. Mark of death is 6 discipline every 60 seconds, which is -0.1 discipline/second. Sentry is 10 discipline every 40 seconds, which is -0.25 discipline/per second.

Total = -0.85 discipline per second provided you constantly drop them as they expire, but you regenerate at +1 discipline a second. Ergo, I'm not seeing why you want nightstalker on top of engineering. You'll just wind up with more discipline than you need.

Plus again if you really want to use nighstalker, then where's the archery talent or baiting the trap rune on caltrops to boost your crit?
I think you might be losing too much by going all in for Custom Engineering. Going that route gets you is a long sentry and caltrops (extended duration doesn't do a ton for Mark, and nothing for Spike Trap as far as I can tell), but there are lots of different types of mobs this setup does not do much for.

I think all ranged builds are going to need a way to deal with creatures that are on the other side of the screen from you when there are mobs inbetween. Whether it is priority ranged targets, or mobs like the skeleton generators in the beta that spawn skeletons while running away. Bola and Rapid Fire would have to kill everything inbetween before it could handle things at range, and I think that is a significant weakness. Every ranged build will need abilities that always pierce, or targeted skills.

The other problem is that while caltrops/spike trap is good against melee enemies, you can't just drop them at your feet and let them wail on you when they get near - you have to put some distance between you and the mobs. Without vault, that means a lot of running backwards, which is a lot of time you're not DPSing, and then the caltrops slow is likely to wear off. I would trade Mark for Vault. And I'd do something closer to this build:

Damastes - I was hoping you could drop down more than one sentry because it does not state that you can only have one unlike the wizard's hydra. Also the skill seems a little weaker than hydra and is more expensive resource wise compared isn't it? If it is true that i can not place more than one sentry i will more than likely choose a new passive in place of nightstalker. I'll admit I was even unrealistically hoping I could stack the aid station regen.

Xenikos - I'm not in the beta so I have not been able to see that in action. You raise a good point and I'll think about that when I solo. Does this look like a good group build though? I should be playing with at least one other person almost all the time. Will this situation still come up if say I would have a barbarian, monk, and a wizard in my group for example? (I'm sure their skills matter some too)

Thanks :)
That problem - of a ranged mob that needs to die but is behind enemy lines - certainly decreases with a full group. The barb can leap to it, the monk can dash to it (or just run if it doesn't have that one skill). Although I bet most Wizards will have similar problems; they don't have a lot of piercing abilities (one arcane orb rune that I doubt many will use, one Electrocute rune), and their 2 targeted abilities, Meteor and Arcane Torrent, don't seem to be heavily in favor.

But I think your build is less suited for group play than it is solo play. Caltrops/Spike Traps are good for kiting melee mobs into, but that isn't going to happen as often in a group - the melee characters will rush forward to meet things, and the only way for those traps to be useful is if you run into melee, which I don't think you want to do.

Here is the current "group DH" build I'm mulling over. Cull the Weak assumes that another character is slowing everything, otherwise change that out.

Xenikos- You raise two good points that I might need to think about changing my build for. The one thing making me want to keep the things you don't like, (Caltrops/Spike Traps) however is that this is for a high level character. Now when we are high level and doing the higher difficulties I feel like it would be wise to lay these traps and pull a group of high level champions, for example, in order to weaken them and CC so as to allow our barbarian to have an easier time taking them head on.

To me having these kind of abilities that give our group an advantage before the fight even begins outweighs the benefit of a piercing attack skill or a skill like vault imo as of right now. If you you or anyone else could show me that my opinion is inferior I am welcome to learn/discuss.

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