How many attacking abilities do you have?

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By now, I'm sure many of you have done some theory crafting with skill calculator.

So out of 6 available skill slots, how many of those are abilities that are designed mainly for spammable(resource permitting) skills?

I think you need a fine balance. You'll need some defensive skills, cooldowns, buffs, and/or debuffs.

I'm thinking at least two. One for single target damage, the other for AoE damage.

How about you?
Ray of Frost/Cold Blood - single target, no resource cost
Blizzard/Snowbound - aoe, semi-spammable
Wave of Force/Impactful Wave - aoe, oh !@#$ button
On my Demon Hunter, when I got all of the slots unlocked, I looked at them and realized that three were direct damage, one was a pet summon, and two were defensive (Caltrops and Vault).

So - a nice mix, I think.
As a WD, 1 or 2

Rest will be CC or bombs
As a WD, 1 or 2

Rest will be CC or bombs
or aoe mosltly pets
A minimum of one generator/primary and one spender. A couple spenders, maybe one for AoE and one for Single Target, or perhaps just two different elements, is probably more likely.
Just one

Evasive fire, but with rune to slow 4 people.

And my shadow power and smoke screen are runed for hatred as well =D
I honestly need to spend a bit more time playing around an experimenting before I make up my mind. Things hit like malnourished little girls for the most part in the beta, so it's tough to predict how much I'll actually need defensive skills based on that.

I think that I'll have leap, cleave, and rend on my barb.

I think that I'll have deadly reach, fists of thunder, and dashing strike on my monk.

I think that I'll have shock pulse, missiles, wave of force, and orb on my wiz.

Not sure how I'll fill in the remaining blanks yet, or which of those abilities I might replace with better ones unlocked at later levels.
For me around 3. 1 'builder' or 'freebie', one primary spender, one big hitter generally with a cooldown. Sometimes a 4th for extra aoe, if not this is a summon, a buff or another cooldown. Then usually one CC and one defensive.

For example, my ice Wizard has Freeze ray, Blizzard, Nova, Meteor, Diamond Skin and a floater (Mirror Image or Slow Time).
04/09/2012 05:21 PMPosted by D3BETA
Ray of Frost/Cold Blood - single target, no resource cost

Sorry to disapoint but it's a typo. Next time you go ingame look at the rune.
For my monk, Way of the Hundred Fists for spirit gen, and Sweeping Wind for a spender. I really like Sweeping Wind, I do hope it proves useful ingame with the cost and short time span taken into account.
Cleave for two handers, Bash for twin one handers. The spender will likely be siituational, and swapped as needed.

And that's Barbarian, in case anyone couldn't guess.

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