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Greetings from darwin

cant believe the wait is almost over.
This is awesome! from Melbourne :)
cant wait bring on the 15th
Hey Hey from Fraser Coast

I swear my calendar is going backwards just to spite me, this game has me far too excited
Regional topic #1 - local servers
Hello Everyone

Cheers from NeK in Karuah, NSW
Marmite FTW!

So stoked on the Aus/NZ Forum!

Auckland here, looking forward to D3 becomming my main game after 4 years on the awesome but now jaded Age of Conan.

Pity we're stuck with the 200+ms lag for pvp though, never got any better than 250ms on AoC.

Bring on the release, I too have booked a long w/e off work BRING IT ON!!
Cant wait to get full immersed into DIII wasn't paying attention for release of the second, never played the first, don't stone me newcomers are good for business, easy pickings!

Bring on Hell's minions! So close!!!
We won't get to play until the servers are up. Since they go up on 12:00pm 15/5 and AEST is 17 hours ahead, we won't get to play until 5pm.

Which is good because we don't have to stay awake until 1-2am just to get the game installed, and we can probably get it at the start of the day (No guarantee though).

I believe the Australian servers are going up at midnight, but global play is disabled until all servers are up. That's my understanding of it anyway.
Hey ill be going hard on my witch doctor and try be the best :D its my goal
5pm Ohh i cant wait, so now the big debate is what the hell am i going to be ?!? omg so many choices to make, ah well i think ill just play them all and see which one i like best. Thanks Blizz for another game to tie my time up with :)

See you all on the front line.
04/11/2012 05:00 AMPosted by Immortàl
Thank you for this specific Australian and NZ section of the forums.As an Australian I can't really see the need for a special Australian section. But I won't be complaining. It will be a nice place we can come together and get Aus/NZ D3 games going. (As in finding people to Co-Op with.

ANZ Gamers: "Yay! Diablo 3!"
Blizzard: "You have to pay more for the game."
ANZ Gamers: "That sucks. What do we get in return? Can we have our own servers?"
Blizzard: "Soon."
ANZ Gamers: "Well, what can we have while we wait?"
Blizzard: "Here. Have your own little corner in the Forums."

05/01/2012 07:50 PMPosted by zombat
Regional topic #1 - local servers

Melbourne Australia here. As much as i agree with the above that it sucks that we have this latency and extra costs just fce it guys its never going to change until our A&NZ pop reaches 100,000,000 so its economically beneficial for gaming business's =p
I'm so excited about the launch I can barely contain myself, bring it on Blizzard!

I should note I asked for my 2 week holiday from work so I could play this without distractions.
having troubles with d3 intaller atm. telling me to insert a disc which i dont have, and go on battle.net to download the game digitalaly. which i already am. stuck at 41%. any help guys?
Today is going so slowly. In NZ and have to wait till 7pm before servers go online. Am hoping they will be up to the demand!!!!!! 5 hours to go..................................
Cheers mates!

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