Wizard or Sorceress??

Lore and Story
Hey just finished reading Book of Cain and in the Nephalem section they go into detail about the barb druid and sorceress ancestors but they don't mention anything about Wizards. Wouldn't it be just as easy to call Wizards Sorcerers and make it fit even better with the Lore??

Have i missed something because in all the pasts games they've been sorcerers as well...
The Wizards are from Xiansai, the sorcerer from D1 is from Kehjistan and the homeland from the D2 Sorceress is unknown. :)

These basically are different people.
Wizard was a derogatory term for rebel sorceresses in training. They decided to take on the name and create their own group of "wizards". This way they differentiated from the sorceresses.
Wizard is a special terminology for rebellious sorcerers.

I like to think of it as:
Wizards are to Sorcerers what Indiana Jones is to Archeologists.
Pretty much. Wizards are the rogue sorcs that explains why they are mainly users of arcane magic.

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