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Ok, so I am really bored right now and I have some serious questions about monitor resolutions and refresh rates. I currently own a 1920x1200 monitor with a 60 hertz rate. I was poking around youtube and found this video:

That is a 1920x1080 monitor with a 120 hertz refresh rate. So I guess my concerns are just what do those numbers actually mean? Is it better to own a monitor with a higher resolution but lower hertz rate, or vise versa? What does the 120hertz refresh rate actually mean? I'm too lazy to google and read and I feel like making a post.

Basically, the refresh rate is the number of times per second the display actually "displays" the image on the screen. A faster refresh rate CAN mean that the image changes faster than it would with a slower refresh rate.

High end LCD HDTVs usually sport refresh rates around 500-700 Hz.

Most computer LCD displays default to 60 fps, or 60 Hz because they just won't experience screen flicker at that rate (something about the way they're designed). I do know though, if you try using an older LCD HDTV that has like 72 Hz as a computer monitor ... the screen flicker is so bad it can induce seizures in epileptics just while a static image is on the screen. Hence, why most LCD HDTVs now have MUCH higher refresh rates.

Higher is better ... though extensive testing has shown that the average human cannot distinguish anything above a refresh rate of 60-90 Hz ... which is why movie projectors now flicker the image at 72 Hz (though still run the film at 24 fps) and blu-rays are at 72 fps.
60 Hz is really the max that anyone does for standard stuff.
120 Hz = 2x 60 Hz, meaning they can render 2 screens at one time. Why do that? That's what 3D is. You render 2 different perspectives (like having two eyeballs), which results in depth.

So, 60 Hz = normal, while 120 Hz = 3D capable.
There are some other things you can do with 120 Hz (like play 2 games on the same screen), but 3D is the only thing that people actually do with it day-to-day.

Note that the ratio on those two monitors is different as well. Your 1920x1200 is 16:10, while the 1920x1080 is 16:9. It may interest you that Diablo 3 is native 16:9, meaning that a 16:10 running at it's default ratio would crop the sides of the screen. This isn't true if you run the 16:10 in 16:9 mode, so it isn't a huge concern, but something to be aware of.

So my personal preference is 27" 2560 x 1440 (16:9). This gives you a reasonable vertical resolution (web surfing and such), without sacrificing the ability to play modern games at their native ratios.
Some people do see the flicker at 60hz. for those people, the 120hz is much easier on the eyes.
So, Basically the reason why you see all hz in a factor of 60 is because the power in North America Runs at 60hz, The power in Europe other wise known as PAL runs at 50hz. So the hz is in factors of 60 so they can use the power supply as a time clock.

When you see the number 120hz on the computer monitor this basically means the refresh rate of the monitor is once every half of 1 second.

If you buy a Computer monitor somewhere else like Austral(has their own Frequency in the power as well) and or Europe Monitors will have a different refresh rate.

That being said, You have to make sure your GPU is set to the certain destination where you live for max efficiency with that time clock you are trying to feed off. So, you will see in your GPU settings that you can generally either set it for 50 or 60. This basically means NTSC(North America), or PAL(Europe).

Now, the resolution of the screen (1920 x 1080) is pretty easy to explain. You get 1920 pixels Horizontal and 1080 Pixels Vertical.

Thanks. Explains a lot :)
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Some people do see the flicker at 60hz. for those people, the 120hz is much easier on the eyes.

This used to be true with CRTs because it drew a black frame between each refresh. Making the image blink really fast if the refresh rate was too low. With LCD the image is always on so this doesn't happen anymore.

I would only get 120hz monitor is you plan on using 3d. The high refresh rates are needed for 3d because it effectively cuts the refresh rate in half (1 for each eye) .

If you don't plan to use 3d then look at getting a high quality ISP monitor like Dell u2410 or Dell u3011 for superior color and sharpness.
One thing I can add is that if you have the extra money, getting an IPS monitor makes a huuuge difference. I recently built a high end rig and got dual monitors: a $500 Asus IPS and a $300 Samsung LCD. Both are 24 inch and 1920 x 1200. The IPS blows the Samsung out of the water. I have the same Diablo 3 wallpaper on both monitors, and it looks 10 times more vivid on my IPS monitor. When I showed my wife, she had a big bright smile and couldn't believe how much more vivid the red looked on the IPS compared to the other. Not only will you enjoy more vibrant colors on an IPS, but you can see the picture clearly from any angle, unlike lcds and leds. Again, it's like night and day when I walk around my desk and compare.

Do the research for yourself, that's what I did before making the decision to pay $500 for only a 24 inch monitor, and boy am I glad I bought it.
I actually have an HP LP2475w 24'' 1920x1200 IPS monitor and I'm very happy with it. I was just looking at going all out for diablo 3 and I was just wondering if the 120hz would make a huge difference in the sharpness...but from everything I have found out through this thread it looks like my monitor is one of the best for color and sharpness...which is exactly what is best for Diablo 3.

The only reason for getting a 120hz monitor would be for FPS games and I hardly ever play those. Thanks for all of the information.

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