The #1 Thing You Are Excited For?

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The cinematics and story were a large part of why I loved D2. Hope D3 does the same.
04/08/2012 08:34 PMPosted by IkeCube
Both the Diablo and Warcraft franchises began taking a noise-dive in the music department around the turn of the last decade(from '90s to '00), and although WoW had some good tracks, they were too far and few between to say that the game had "good" music, but only "acceptable" music.

I don't think you know what good music is.
Diablo 2 and Starcraft 1 had the best soundtracks of any game ever made.
The thing I am most excited about... seeing that first unique/legendary item drop. It was a magical feeling in Diablo I and Diablo II, you had been playing for a few hours and were mesmerized by the content of a great new game. You are advancing into the juicy story and constantly looking for gear upgrades, when all of the sudden that gold text appears and changes the world.
Maybe it dropped from a unique/champ or mini-boss, or maybe it just popped out of a random chest or urn, but when you get that unique item you know there is a whole 'nother class of loot out there for you to find, and it is so freakin exciting. I'm gonna go berserk when it happens in DIII, can't wait!
Boss encounters...From the looks of it, they will be EPIC.
The first time I fight Diablo.
Two words: Zombie. Bears.

All the bees in Sanctuary just shat their pants.
im excited about smashing demons faces and looting stuff haha

The expanding storyline..
The up to date graphics..
The enhanced gameplay..
The Demon Hunter..

"The best weapon is the one you know how to use.."
Well im excited for alot...

But the #1 thing, far above ALL else, is getting to see a story driven RPG again! I LOVE that there are little blurbs throughout the game about the world, the history, and the reason I am beasting my way through legions of demons!
I don't know. I'm just hoping I'll find something to be excited about when I play it.
Level 14
04/08/2012 07:29 PMPosted by Zertz
Playing past level 13.


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