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mean takaka i got alot of family ova there iam frm nelson do you knw any of the wells fam ova there?
yea bro iam frm nelson 2 but i still live here !@#$s still the same lol
Christchurch NZ :)
Hi I'm from Central Victoria :D
Melbourne,Australia my profile shows no hero's not sure what i have done wrong but as is playing all 5 chars through nm act 2 so i can share through stash and enjoying the game it may just have me hooked.
Toowoomba QLD
Sydney, Aus
Blue Mtns, Aus :)
East of melbourne, victoria,aust
04/10/2012 11:51 PMPosted by CaptainKiwi
Im from Nelson/New Zealand but now live in Perth/aussie better money better internet but beer tastes like crap!

Now now, captain, thats just impolite! :P
Hiya! :D

I'm from Sydney, Australia.
Berwick, Vic
welly nz
Cairns, Qld
Newcastle, NSW. Ahoy.
aus nsw uralla
and am i the only one playing hardcore ?
Adelaide, SA
Myda, Melbourne

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