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melb aus!!
canb aus!
melb aus (US BARB)
Orbost Vic AU
taupo Gods own
Greets from Wellington, NZ.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
mongrel from Australia here
Ruaral Victoria, Australia
kingbobz in AUCKLAND this error sucks
me - central NSW......semi-lag capital of the world
Son - Central Qld.......lag/disconnect capital of the universe....and on satellite...don't know how he does it with pings constantly over 600...he quit now too much Inf A3.
Illawarra, nsw
Brisbane, Australia
Another one in Melbourne.
gosford NSW here retired so spend a lot of time on line anyone want to add me have 5 characters level 60 Daymo#1116 but away at moment on holidays check profile
wellington NZ
Dunedin, NZ but i'm in Wellington NZ at the moment :)
Outback Australia here paragon 66 and climbing

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