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From Christchurch but currently Auckland NZ.
Add me for some Key/Uber Farming. I promise I will try my hardest not to die :P
Canberra, Aus.
Wollongong, NSW here!
sutherland shire gods country nsw
Inner Northwest, Sydney, Australia. :)
Perth, Western Australia
Broken Hill, NSW!

Always traveling to Adelaide each month though. If anyone wants another aussie friend to smash with. BT: Faust420#1122. feel free to add
<------- Sydney, wadduppppp australia and new zealand!
Sydney Here!!!
aussieland, sydney
Sth coast NSW here xD
Melbourne, Australia here.

Been playing from very early on, took a break, now I'm back.
Wagga Wagga NSW Australia here :)
24-35A Park Road, Hurstville. New South Wales 2220
Putaruru NZ
Perth WA here, looking for people to play with :)
palmerston north NZ add me
Port Douglas QLD
What server are you playing guys? Are you playing in Americas or Asia?
Brisland Queensland Australia. East Coast witches :)

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