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adelaide SA, quick question tho, im on telstra cable and apparently theres an issue with telstra customers and the servers, i get booted after 15 minutes of game time, anyone else getting this lately??
Newcastle NSW Australia

Americas Server
Perth WA

Melbourne VIC player here

Add me!

I do key and exp runs, will do uber carries soon

lvl60 300k dps unbuff barb
Hey, from Havelock North, New Zealand.
Add me if anyone is keen.
Sydney. Anyone play on Asia here, or is everyone on NA?
Auckland, NZ
Auckland, New Zealand.

Stopped playing for a while, back again for more.
Sydney, Australia
Perth, WA
Melbourne, Australia

currently on Americas considering changing
Sydney, Australia

Playing on Americas
Auckland, New Zealand

Back after a long break to check things out =D
Melbourne, Australia
Playing on Americas server
sydney aus
BlackElvis#6636 US server
I have a level 60 monk barb wiz and demon hunter... leveling a hardcore barb and softcore witch doctor. from queensland.
I am from Sunshine Coast QLD. I play lvl 60 Wizard. :D
Gold Coast, Australia.

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