So what class is everyone trying out first?

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im rolling a Demon Hunter. Chur
pole arm barb for sure!
Barbarian will be my first character.

I was keen on Demon Hunter and Wizard as well. Will level those eventually but I'm definitely going to do the Barbarian first now. I think attacking things rather than running from them all the time is really going to get through the rooms of enemies quicker. Plus the more enemies the more fury so I think the Barbarian will have very little down time.

Will level Wizard next then finally Demon Hunter. Barbarian FTW! Should be fun!
I'm going to try to actually stick to one character at first, usually I start them all up to level 5 or there bout and just keep rotating between them all. I've got all my chars names already picked out so I can create them straight away :D

Will go Witch Doctor first.
demon hunter for sure! i wanna try building pure crits with duel wield xbows :)
I was certain it would be the Barbarian before I played the beta, but now I'm tossing up between that or the Wizard.
No love for the Witchdoctor? That's what I will be playing.
Monk! :D

I love me some zipping around action.......
Barb all the way.
My gaming buddy is probably going to be a barb, so I'll probably be a DH or Wiz in those games, but otherwise I'll be playing barb or monk.
Witchdoctor all the way (or maybe barb) ;)
Wizard cos thats what jebus would doo
Im gonna smash some !@#$ up with my BARB!
Barb, Dual wielding Axes :D
Was always thinking wizard, and still do but after that Barberian video im seriously considering it,
1 wiz
2 DH
3 Monk
4 WD
6 sweet as!
Its gotta be the Barb, after playing the beta tho the Demon hunter unbuffed has the most dps, but the Barb is more satisfying to play.

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