Do item enchants transfer to skills?

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Messing around with a Witch Doctor, and using poison dart. Damage is based on weapon damage, but do other weapon enchantments transfer to the poison dart also? So if I have a weapon that has +2 holy damage, does that get added to the poison dart?
all bonus damage sources are added to all attacks as if they are on the weapon,

ring, shield, quiver.. the only difference is +damage on_weapon only transfers when that weapon is primary (thus it is displayed on the weapons tool tip of DPS)

as long as your skill doesn't state it does its damage "as _______" then you will see gold swirls spring off the mobs as you attack them with +holy damaged weapon...

however the WD dart does damage "as poison", so you will not be seeing the gold FX since they have been converted.
is that a yes or no..
^lol, love the explanation

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