Ultimate Pet Tanker Build.

Witch Doctor

Take a look - http://us.battle.net/d3/pt/calculator/witch-doctor#WRYkTP!dcZ!bcabZZ

Rain of Toads - Spammable, triggers bad medicine, aoe damage.
Hex Unstable Form - CC, low cooldown (3 secs.), aoe damage, triggers bad medicine.
Rabid Dogs - Aggro, triggers bad medicine.
Wall of Zombies Creepers - For survivability, nice cooldown, some aoe, Creepers aggro (I guess).
Restless Giant - Aggro, great buff for elites or when surrounded.
Fetish Army (Devoted Following)- Aggro, plan B (good if youre under pressure).

Passsives - Zombie Handler, Bad Medicine, Jungle Fortitude.
4 Zombie dogs, +20% Health for Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan, -40% damage taken by pets and you.

Sorry for gramtical errors, im from Brazil.
by ViduKaA.
while the toads trigger bad medicine as well, id suggest making that something other than psn dmg, the biggest flaw i see is being only psn dmg, and a little physical
I think that's pretty good but I prefer Big Stinker for triggering bad medicine and for the AoE dmg. Other than that I think it's a very good build although I would also probably replace fetish army with big voodoo and zombie handler with fetish sachophants if you really want fetishes and if it does proc enough... but also depends on how the pets work out. I like the build though just not a lot of single target dmg for bosses. This is a lot like yours but depends on how well spells work when actually used.

Yeah, I'm personally trying to have fire, poison, and physical dmg in my build because I don't want to be screwed when I come across a monster highly resisting two of the damage types I'm capable of outputting.

Unless I know I'm always going to be in a group, this probably won't matter now that I think about it...

Thanks for responses!

Honor, I agree... but theres no other way! i had already thought about that, when i encounter a poison resistant (elite+) ill have zombie wall + creepers, gargatuan restless giant and fetish army (nice duration) and maybe Hex! I hope 3 damage skill can handle.

Cryptic Blade, Big Stinker will help surely, but i already have too much ways to poison enemies and i need something better to kill bosses, coz that i choise restless giant, and the passives... i cant switch coz they have a lot of synergy with the pets to make than more durable and the intention of the build.
Hey, I'm from Brazil too.....

Anyway, I dont think that some kind of these skills will be so good in my opinion ¬¬

I played yesterday as witch doctor and I verified each skill for the lvl 13.

According to this test, the best aggro MF against mobo is:


Check each one where means damage a long distance and insane. The mana proposal as ability is to support your spells, probably do it as tanks whatever... This is nice legion to build and also support any imunes case will have. Remember that your zombie dogs is your defense and these ones must be strong to help you anyway. Add me with 1786 - cachaceiro you will find me hehe. I want to create a group to complete the Co-op group of the Beta.
Ok, theres no way to know if this build will be good yet, but.... the idea is to make the most tanker/aggro build that can be made.

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