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Lore and Story
Hiya I've been playing both Diablo, Diablo 2 and LOD.
But the thing is, I wasnt really paying attention to Diablo 1's story because when that was released I was very young (19 today). Have no memory whatsoever about it either.

Also I played Diablo 2 with my cousins but I never payed attention to the story trough that game either because I wanted to keep up with my cousins reaching 99. Which I never did, think I reached around 90 top because of school and lack of intresst doing the same thing over and over at that age.

BUT THIS TIME I told to myself. From the day Diablo 3 will be released, I will pay attention to the story within it. But now that I have no memory from either Diablo 1 or 2.. will I even be able to understand anything at all?

I do remember who Cain is etc and all the "big stuff" in the game. And the short videos, which I loved and I hope to see those in this game aswell <3 Blizzards videos are stunningly beautiful.

So, will the story be based on alot on unknown people for me since I hardly don't remember any name of the people in the villages. Or will I be able to "fully" understand everything?
Blizzard made sure that you'll understand very much that's been going on when you play Diablo III. As of to "fully" i don't know.

  • There are these kindof audio-books spread across the world. You might have already seen some of those. Everyone who played the beta definitely knows who's the SK and what he was up to. People also can find out about the whole lachdanan story.

  • Talking to some people, for instance Cain, will probably tell you much.

  • I think throughout your adventures in D3 you might encounter historical regions and persons that tell the story.

  • If you want a recap of the lore, I suggest you read The Book of Cain. It hands down great.
    I read it and it was pure awesomeness.

    Or even look up the cinematics of Diablo II on youtube! They are very well done and tell you the story in a fancy fashion!
    the big parts needed to understand the story are really the cinematics of d2 availlable at

    you can read books and all(book of Cain) but just the cinematics should be ok.

    If you want a recap of the lore, I suggest you read The Book of Cain. It hands down great.
    I read it and it was pure awesomeness.

    This ^

    Do yourself a favor and find that book. I just read it. Not only is it a very entertaining book, but it really explains the lore within the Diablo universe. So if understanding the stories, plots, & characters are important to you...The Book of Cain does a lot to make the game that much more immersive.

    There's still time to grab a copy and read it before the game comes out. If anything, the book will briefly satisfy that D3 urge :)
    Also you can probably find it at your local library if you live in a major city (I am in columbus ohio and the library here has multiple copies). Good read.
    Developers have made it a key point to improve the nature through which lore and plot is related to the player as you progress through the game. Diablo 3 should (hopefully) be far better in explaining and relating the story than D1 and D2 were.

    If you want to catch up and review the events of D1 and D2, there really is no better source of info that The Book of Cain. Hands down it's probably the best source of information on the game's Lore that you can find.

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