So can effects stack?

Witch Doctor
What I mean is, can a monster that is hexxed ALSO be confused? The reason I'm wondering is because of certain synergies would depend on the above being true, like the Hex rune that makes mobs blow up and produce an AoE when they die, this would be amazing in combination with the Mass Confuse rune that makes enemies have a 50% chance to spawn dogs if they die while confused. Hex a pack of mobs, confuse them, sac 4 Zombie Dogs into a massive AoE, mobs die and then blow up due to the Unstable Transformaiton glyph,more mobs die, and lastly because they're also confused you instantly get some dogs back.

So, anyone know? I'm gonna bet that they won't stack. =(
I'm guessing they will, 4 classes all throwing around spells and debuffs
Mass Confusion has a minute CD. I do not think it is going to work as well as you want it to.

EDIT: And the confusion only lasts 12 seconds. it remains yet to be seen if that is even enough time to kill a single target in Inferno.
How are you going to "hex a pack of mobs". It hexes 1 mob.
Your build idea will not work, for lots of reasons. Don't make fragile builds, make builds that work in a wide variety of situations the game can throw at you.
Yeah I made this build on a whim, in a very MTG sort of way; that is to say just looked at effects and thought "omg yay". I've always had a penchant for gimmicky things that when they work out do ridiculous crap, but aren't practical otherwise. I've since spent more time pouring over the skill calc and have abandoned it. And I didn't know that Hex only worked on one enemy at a time as I'm not in the beta and the wording is open to interpretation.

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