275,000 Diablo III Beta Invites

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I just check and i got one in my battlenet acount. i downloaded it but qhen i try to install it sends me this error: the installer was unable to open the installer data.
what can i do?
do the invites arrives slowly like the MoP ones? in mean it could take a few hours or so,i stil hope for a beta
you know blizz there are 3 kind of gamers:
1.Who opted for beta ,but they dont give a fuk
2.Pll to might actually play it if they get invited
and 3. we,who are willing do to everything even to stare to a monitor 5-6 h a day to twitter to check for a beta key

Mine was fast. It's just an activation. Emails are what takes long.

I'm none of those. I'm 4. I'm excited to get in, but I didn't do every contest in an attempt to get in.
I've had D3BETA listed in characters I could post as all week. Good sign?
Common Blizzard! Diablo is my favorite series of all time...... really hoping I get in this time around <3!
I am sure the server is getting creamed right now due to client downloads. May wanna give it a minute.
Please i reaaaaally want a key!!! :)
04/12/2012 03:41 PMPosted by D3BETA

So are keys still being sent?
I don't see in in my account. I guess that means I missed it.
If anyone gets one and already has one, can they help a poor man out?
Uggg Blue please respond on whether if its not in your Account now then you didn't get it. Are the emails what you are referring as going out slowly, or are the actual keys still going out???
04/12/2012 03:44 PMPosted by D3BETA
Does it matter that my beta preferences were not updated before this post? I did pre-order the game

If you already set it up for D3 time ago then no problem.
Oh wow! Please send some my way! I really want t play Beta!!!

I've waited for Diablo III ever since after Diablo II. Years and years passed by quickly and I didn't mind, but now that they have announced a released date... 30 days is just too damn long.
My turn now! :D
Got my key!!...

Thanks to Blizzard from PAX East!
04/12/2012 03:48 PMPosted by Sirskills
If anyone gets one and already has one, can they help a poor man out?

Me tooooooooo! :-)
I didn't even know I was considered for Diablo beta and I just got it.........
My guess is that all keys were e-mailed simultaneously.

Do remember, though, a true stress test might mean million+ at once. They might send more waves of this size, though I could definitely be wrong. 275k sounds like a lot but I imagine that D3 will have have a million+ on simultaneously shortly after retail launch.

That or I'm still grasping at straws hoping for a key. :(
Fingers crossed!!

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